Jalan -jalan ke grande mosque Paris dan Jardin

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Another place must visit when u come to Paris is the Grande Mosque. Love their architecture and structure. There's a halal restaurant connected to the mosque and they served all Turkish food and suitable for minum petang (macam kalau kat Malaysia jual kuih muih ).

I think, this the most unforgettable memories we're in Paris when there was a demonstration by FEMEN's activist "Jihad Topless" done in front of the mosque. It was a shame indeed. To witness this kind of scene was not in my dreams. May Allah swt have mercy on us.

Before we went back...we stopped at Jardin De Plantes which located at nearby the mosque. It was a beautiful place MashaAllah...Although there were no green leaves and colorful flowers bloomed during our visit but the view is still spectacular . All trees looks very symmetry. Just like the picture below:

Zoology department
A geoscientist with noir quartz stone in front of mineralogy department :)
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  1. terima kasih kongsi gambar di sini.. walauupn tak pernah sampai dapat juga tengok di sini... syukur...

  2. sepanjang duk sini tak pernah pun pegi mana2 jardin

  3. assalamualaikum nany,
    terima kasih atas post ini dan post2 yang related dengan paris. sy akan ke paris pada 4 julai nanti dari amsterdam. grand de mosque antara tempat yang sy nak pergi. MESTI. Insya Allah. awak dah balik malaysia ke belum? sy stay kat hotel area gare de lyon. wassalam


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