Carnival Day @ Hannah's Ecole

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Setelah lama tak berblog. Fuhhh~~~. Memang susah nak istiqamah. Bulan April lepas, ada berape jer entry sempat buat. Busy sangat sebab handle the kiddos and handbag from customer. But semalam dah closed order. So, bolehla kembali berblog seperti sedia kala. InshaALLAH.

Rasenya, baru jer cakap dah APRIL and today...what?? dah MAY??.. I have a mixed feeling right now. It's difficult to explain what's in my head . There were so many things happened ever since i become a fully housewife. Kids especially. It was a priceless thing to see my kids development day by day. One by one. Hannah, Umair and Uwais. It was a blessed by ALLAH Almighty for me. Now let's move forward and pray hard for the better future.

This week until mid of this month will be a school holiday for Hannah. Cuti musim bunga. So, a day before cuti derang ade buat carnival for the students. So, by 2.30pm...all kids and parents dah ready for the carnival. sma  The event started by a small walk in front of the school. Hannah and classmates pakai kostum butterfly and bees. Suka la sangat kan?..feeling cute gitu. Hahaha...

So during the walking I sempat berborak..parlez anglais with this kind lady. A mother of Hannah's friend, Cappucine. I was trying so hard to make a good conversation with her. Luckily, she can speak english wlaupun rasanya, ada moment awkward di situ. Aku tanye lain..die jawab lain..kadang english derang tak sama...lain pemahamannya. The small walking only took 10-15minutes. After that, all children were gathered in front of the mairie ville for the group photo and continued with makan-makan time. We only eat chocolate biscuit and I brought a poulet nugget for Hannah. Kalau kat Malaysia, jamuan ringan sure ada bihun goreng, karipap, teh tarik which I think the term of jamuan 'ringan' kat situ memang tak kena. Hehehe...but YES! I am craving all those foods. We went back around 330pm since that evening looks like to become a rainy day!.

So, that's all! those pictures taken by mama's HP. Lupe la nak bawak camera. Kelam kabut sangat..smpi terlupa walhal dah letak atas meja kat rak kasut. That's proved I was old already..getting nyanyuk lately. Haisshhh...

Introducing Hannah's friend : Cappucine
Ready for the group photo

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  1. hye kakkkk..lame xnmpk..comelnye bebudak tu punye costume..bila blik msia ?


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