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So we went to the Amsterdam after Switzerland and UK.  I must said this is the most interesting country  that we have visited in Europe so far. The weather was fine towards us for 4 days  we were there. Dutch peoples were kind, helpful and sweet. They can speak english fluently including the tram driver, the owner of self service laundry, the cashier at the supermarket and bakery. :)). Halal restaurant are easy to find, public transport condition were very clean and tip top. Punctual as always and they quite 'open' too because Hannah and I spotted the tram driver wearing a hijab. She told me at 1st. :) The same goes to the workers in their supermarket too. We hardly bumped into burglars or suspicious-looks-like people there. Apart from that, Indonesian food and culture has had a huge influence in Amsterdam due to the former Dutch colonisation of the country.

I must said we had a great experienced and we loves everything about it. Now, let's enjoy the short story of our trip and few pictures. Hopefully, it can be beneficial to those who needed. :)

To travel from Paris by public transport we opt for train ride by Thalys. It gave us a special weekend price for Premium class. They provided the snack, lunch and free WiFi too. The seat and space were spacious. We had a comfortable journey for 4 hours.

Vegetarian food served for us that day

Amsterdam central station

One of the country's attraction. I have never found these many of bicycles until we came to Amsterdam.

Alhamdulillah. The day was bright but still cold.

The beautiful and charmed area of Vondelpark. Just stone throw away from our stayed. 

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  1. banyak giler basikal..negara moden tapi still pakai basikal..unik kann? Teringin nak sampai AMS suatu hari nanti..

  2. syioknyeee..bila lah dpt merasa pergi sane ..huhu

  3. The Le plieage still available???


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