Uwais turn 1 year old!!!

By Sunday, May 26, 2013 ,


The youngest in the family has turned 1 last week. Alhamdulillah..despite of no birthday party and special cake for him but yet,  we still had a blast celebration  on his birthday. We went to  Disneyland again and met Cinderella princess, explored the little small world by the boat and motuers action. Although Uwais is still small to appreciate all these things..but we bet his big sis and bro really enjoyed it!..heheh..

Takper la Uwais, once we back to Malaysia ( lagi 5 hari) then, mama can order the cutest birthday cake so that we can make a small celebration with our family members ok sayang?

Happily playing 

I am expert in crawling and climbing
 Me with mama, papa, Kakak and Abang. Lovely picture with Effeil Tower background. Unfortunately, Kakak is looking at another place. Sigh.
I love playing with Abang Umair and Kakak Hannah!!!.
After watching the stunt show. It was a great show but the sound was too loud. Mama said, it was not good for baby like me. Hence, we only stayed for 30min. Abang Umair was really enjoyed it since cars and motorbike are his favorite toys.
Next! we went to ride the boat and enjoyed the 'small world' place.
Before we managed to meet the Princess Cinderella we need to get the reservation ticket 1st. Papa said, the process just like to meet the V.I.P. But I don't understand what is V.I.P . Hehehe...Kakak was so happy and keep smiling while meeting with the princess. They had a small conversation! It was gorgeous but Abang Umair was too shy. He can't even smile but he too fascinated with the princess I guess.
Alhamdulillah...I have a beautiful family. What about you???...
We had some light snack for lunch before went back. Mama cooked sushi but kakak and abang only eaten the sushi rice with scramble eggs. Uh! mama said..kakak looks like big girl already in this picture.
We bought few  souvenirs for us to bring back to Malaysia.

Ok, that's all folks! Can't wait to have a celebration in Malaysia soon. To meet my grandparents, uncles, aunties and cousins...see ya guyss!!

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