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Have been head ache for few days ago for hunting , scouting and searching from cyber space to real space of Hannah's kindergarten. There were total about 6 kindergarten within our area, excluding Puncak Jalil. Basically, our radius of searching is less than 5km from our house. Let's check the list of the name / brand of the kindergarten. The fees are calculated based on yearly charges sebab some kindy put the different amout for the one shot registration payment as well as the monthly. Senang kira, I total up everything. This fees also include the daycare for them to transit and the transport as well.

1) Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori  (just opposite the Serdang Office Police Station) and near Bandar Kinrara Golf Club.
- Corner lot double storey house
- The fee divided by 3 : Regular, Star and Fullday.
- Language medium is ENGLISH. Therefore, the aunty (panggilan utk cikgu) also speak english with me during our meet up session. The form to be filled! tu diaaa!!! memang different from others. Ade 3 helai tak silap. Need to fill up Parent's expectation too.
- Spacious area. They have 2 levels. Ground floor for solat area, canteen, circle time, taekwando. 1st floor is for bedroom and other classrooms. Memang interactive!
- Solat duha will be performed every morning. Hafazan, sirah,daily du'a, bacaan, reading, mathematics also included in their syllabus. It just the method that they will practice is Montessori.
- Because of the fanciness and interactiveness the total price for Regular that we have to pay is Ehem..ehem : RM8570.00
- RM5670 (BBIM) + RM1800 (transit) + RM1100 (transportation for 11 months)
* Although they have full day session (from am to pm) but they will close during the school holiday too. Means, you have to sent the kids to other daycare.
Our reason for not enroll the kids to BBIM :
1) Very expensive and for Hannah yang dah left out , we don't think that this is the best place for her.

2) Smart Reader - BK5 (Same building with Akademi Alfan at BK5B)
- Shop lot, level 1. They divided the class according to age of the students and the subject too (i.e : english lesson will be taught at the different room from mathematic and malay subject.
- The exercise books memang banyak which i think suit for parents that really want their children master in their reading and mathematics. Phonic books and exercise books were relate each other. They will have a homework too.
- Mix races which I think also good for the kids to mingle around and hopefully because of this they can converse in  english better than other one race kindergarten
- Transportation also provided.

3) Genius Aulad - Near Giant Bandar Kinrara
- Business operated at shop lot
- Fully air conditioner - (not good for kids with athma)
- Got 2 sessions. Morning and afternoon
- Transportation for transit is provided

4) Smart One Kids Education - Just next to Genius Aulad
- Principal is Malay and Chinese
- Extra subject is Mandarin language
- HALAL food is provided

5) Little Caliph - Tadika Restu Ibu, BK5
- Business operated at end corner double storey house.
- Provided the transportation for transit. Besides that, they also launched new daycare selang sebuah rumah dari tadika LC. ( In my opinion, the daycare is quite small and am afraid that the kids is not comfortable)
- English-Islamic concept
- Yuran boleh tahan. RM250 per month.

6) PASTI Ai Raihan - BK4
- Fully booked

After done the calculation based on yearly charges, few considerations such as transit for the daycare and convenience for us as well,  we then opted for Little Caliph for our children.

End for chapter 1 under KINDERGARTEN topic. :)

Thank you for reading

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  1. Brainy bunch bandar kinrara ok...tqpi bagi saya kebersihan kurang.saya suka antar anak saya ke sana sebab dekat.tapi bila tengok kebersihan tak cukup untuk anak2 yg belajar di sana rasa mcm kurang puas hati juga.sebab bayar mahal.tapi mereka tak menjaga kebersihan dengan baik

  2. Replies
    1. yang saya ade macam kat atas tu la..hehehe..maybe nowadays dah makin banyak...

  3. Bole cerita X little caliph tu ok X?

    1. Lama dah, 2 tahun lepas..so far so good. Teacher baik-baik..principal die pun bagus. Anak-anak saya senang adapt.Tengok ape yg puan nak anak puan fokuskan

  4. salam puan, little caliph start umur berapa boleh daftar ya?

    1. Wslmwarahamtullah

      Hi Liza

      Little Caliph start at 4 yrs old. :)

  5. hi awak. i'm looking for daycare centre. i have 2 kids 3 years old and baby 9 months. in the review u said u choose little caliph. i'm interested too tapi i kena cari baby sitter for my baby. any suggestion?


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