Hari Orientasi di Little Caliph @ Tadika Restu Ibu, Bandar Kinrara

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Betul la apa yang Nabi Muhammad S.A.W pernah bgtau. Antara perkara yg perlu diamalkan adalah istiqamah dalam sumer perkara yang baik. Biarpun sedikit, tapi ISTIQAMAH penting. Tak caya? so this is the story :  it was May 2013 ( 7 months ago ) the last time i updated my blog. Phewww!!!..seriously, there were so many things was happened around me. Myself, kids, husband, parents, parents in law, siblings, friends, career, leaders, events and my beloved country.Banyak betul ceritanya.

Will try to find a time to write about my pending story.Hehehe.. So, today..i am on leave because it was Umair and Hannah 1st day of kindergarten.(excited much) As I mentioned in my previous post. We opt for Little Caliph under Tadika Restu Ibu. Kids had their routine as usual. But today, I need to wake Umair up. Nangis la jugak masa mandi. Sian die. But have to. If mandi kat daycare nanti guna air sejuk. Lagi kesian. After pakai diapers and baju sumer. We're ready to go. Send them at daycare and by 7.50 am I was there again. Jadi spy. Heheheh..so far OK. Uncle Awi the driver was a kind person.Angkat Umair naik dalam van. Van besar, kaki Umair tak sampai nak langkah.
Kids arrived at Tadika Restu Ibu around 8.00am. Tak ramai lagi masa ni. Sampai2, Teacher Afni yang sambut. Teacher Afni is the owner and principal for Tadika Restu Ibu. A young and energetic mom!.Kind heared and helpful person as well. Alhamdulillah, Allah grant me with a good peoples around me.

Umair and Hannah behave well. So far, no tears or drama. I don't dare to show myself to them. So, intai2 jer dari luar. Umair looks so cute. Sometimes he yawned and sometimes he just looking around while playing with his fingers. Those action was touched my heart. He is big boy now! wpun baru jer 3 tahun bulan lepas. Hari ni dah kena masuk tadika. Hannah?.. tak nampak sangat die buat ape. Must be sitting and looking around jugak kot. HAHAHAH..

Ramai gak parents kat luar tunggu anak. Ade yg meronta2 tak nak pegi. I think, because the parents is there. The longer u stay, the harder your kids to adapt. So, tips..just leave them. I am a mom and I know all of parent's feeling. They continued with their activity. Singing and dancing (maybe).

The school ended around 12pm. As expected, memang ramai parents yg tunggu kat luar. Uncle Awi pun tunggu siap2 dah. :) I saw, my daughter as a BIG sister, holding her brother's hand. Guide him to the van. That was...another feeling that only moms can explain. How sweet of Hannah trying to take care her brother. Alhamdulillah..they safely arrived at their daycare.

My children is growing up so fast. Umair and Hannah, you're both my amanah. Surely, I will give you the best. I am sorry, If I had anything wrong and make u feel uncomfortable or hates something. InshaALLAH, ALLAH SWT will always protect you. I pray every morning and night for three of you. Semoga menjadi anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah yer bidadari syurga !!!!

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  1. hye kakk..dah kat mesia ehhh...stay kinrara ke..kite dok puchong prima ni je...hehe

  2. Comelnya umair..hannah punya gambar takde ke..mesti lagi comel..

  3. liyana!! akak dah kat mesia. yup..kat bk. meh jalan rumah meh.Dekat jer ngan puhong prima.

    Lisa ; takder gamba Hannah.Port tak.cukup power nak amik.gambar derang both.Hahaha...

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