One of the best part nearby our house is.....

By Monday, December 22, 2014 ,

Shukaijouk ( activity room )

Well, only after the second time we went this place. I realized that, the place it was not only for the children to play but for the mommies to get together and have a chit chat among them. Since I don't understand the Nihongo ( Japanese language ) I can't really get what they are up to. But trust me, I got treated very nicely. I have applied my basic nihongo on how to introduce ourself for the 1st timer ( of course ). I just memorized the line. Hehehehe...

I feel proud when I said that ..Watashiwa Mareshiaa Kara Kimashita  ( I am from Malaysia ) ..and obviously they know where is Mareshiaa. :)

Japanese mommies will have ration ( junk food ) in their bag. Unlike french. Which they only have healthy food like fruits, bread and cheese. They will ask their children to offer their snacks with other children including us!

The difficult part is when I need to put everything 1st inside my bag and need to explain to my children that those food is not halal.  Hannah is OK and fully understanding with the situation but for the take some effort and patient from me.

I think that, this place is quite useful since we do not have many toys in the house and they also can meet their new friends and try to mingle around with them. As for me, I can ask thing that I don't know or not familiar. Such as,  how to pay the utilities bill..where to buy cheap stuff / groceries, youchien ( kindergarten ) and gokka (school). Although we hardly understand each other but finally, I got what I want.Alhamdulillah...

Finally, please have  a look at our pictures below ;

                                                     Kanri jimusho ( Management Office )
                                                   Shukaijouk ( activity / meeting room )
                                                      Ultraman magazine from Fukuchi san.
 Yokoyama san, Hazama san, Fukuchi San , myself and tomodachi. Arigatou Yanase san for taking the
                                                                shashin ( Photo )
                                                  Shukaijouk schedule for next month.
           Yanase san showed where I can shop cheap groceries. Have a look at the brand below the card.

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