KUMON : Correspondence class 1st review

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Ohaiyou gozaimasu!!!

Alhamdulillah, now let me share my 1st review of Correspondence Class by  KUMON . This entry will be continued since my SKYPE class is not started yet and I did not finish 100%  of my worksheet as per instruction given.

I have received another set of worksheet including the CD audio from KUMON itself. The total of worksheet will depends on which level you are at. As for me, I have 10 worksheet of katakana. The skills that I need to acquire is reading,writing katakana, nouns, verbs and adjectives. The total number of learning new words is 403. Once I have completed the exercise,  which half of the set, then I need to send to my sensei for the marking purposes. In a meanwhile, I must completed the rest of the worksheet.

To date, I have only one set of worksheet to be completed. InshaALLAH, today or tomorrow will sent it out via postage to my sensei.

Hereby is the CD audio that I need to listen and speak while doing the worksheet

An example of worksheet. From katakana 1-5.

The simple exercise inside the worksheet

That's all. I need to finish my worksheet now. Thank you for reading!.

Watashi wa nihongo benkyo shimasu. Ganbate o kudasai!!!

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  1. lepas ni dah boleh update blog bahasa jepun lah kak..hehe..untung anak2 akak..byk bhasa tahu


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