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Alhamdulillah, My daughter is already 3 weeks in her new school and so far she loves everything about her school to bits. She went for the interview few weeks before the school started. Basically, the purpose of the  interview is to locate her to the right grade,match up with her abilities in writing, reading and counting .It was a simple / basic questions . i,e ; read a story book, add and minus operations, writing 1 - 20 and light conversation - hobby, father's name and age.

As a result, she was accepted to Grade 1 as her age is 7 yrs old and next year she will enter standard 2 when we back in Malaysia. The primary classroom was located in the new building. They just expand their business this year and hence, kindergarten (KG)  class is remain in the same building. No more sharing building between KG and Primary.

So for the 1st day, we just send her to the pick up point area. It just 4-5 minutes of walking distance. After she ride the school van, we then straight to Koiwa station to catch the cab and off to the school.

The new building of the school is located in the 1st floor. We are not sure whether the ground floor is someone's house?. In total, the school have 3 classrooms ; Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3. Other rooms is for computer laboratory,prayer rooms each for girls and boys, library and a spacious area in the upper level for outdoor activities. But according to the teachers if the weather permit, the students will be allowed to go the nearest park.

We and few parents ( Malaysian ) was joined the student's orientation day. The students was being introduced with their homeroom teacher as well as with the school rules. They also had a quick tour inside the building.

Tokyo Iqra International School is a standard English medium school with Islamic environment & values. Hereby is  the main subjects for grade 1  :

1) Islamic studies
2) English
3) English Grammar
4) Science
5) Mathematic
6) Geography
7) Computer
8) Art
9) Nihongo ( Japanese language )
For primary students, the school no longer provide snacks for them. Unlike last year, they provided snacks for KG and primary students too. Hannah will bring nuggets,sausage, cookies, banana and cake for her snack. for her lunch break, I normally cooked rice or pasta or mee or bihun and happily made a kawaii bento for her.

School will start at 9:00 am and finish at 3:00pm. In Japan, students are required to bring a white shoes to be used in the school compound. This will ensure the floor of the school will maintain clean. Especially when it's a rainy day.

We left the building around 1030am since that day was a weekdays and my husband need to go back to his office. All in all, we feel so grateful and blessed for having and found this kind of school in our house area. We hope our daughter can learn as much as possible and the most important that she enjoy her new school.
If you guys are interested about this school please go to their website :

Let's have some photos taken during the interview session and 1st day of school in Tokyo Iqra' International School.

The Interview Session
All set and ready

The Cherry Tree is blossoms just at the right time!
Shasin o tonarishita to sakura no ki. Ma e ni ie desu. :)
The parents (my friends)  and the children. Off we go!!!
The new campus for primary students.
The address for both campus. ( Campus 1 for KG and Campus 2 for primary )

Introducing Mr Timothy Marshall. Hannah's Homeroom Teacher during the orientation day
Everyone is listening to the teachers. Few Asean's kids spotted :)
Those the white shoes

A computer laboratory room
That's all and I hope this entry will help you in searching the best International School with Islamic environment & value in Tokyo Japan.

Arigatou gozaimashita!

Jya ma ta!


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