Idea bento comel ( Kawaii bento )

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A tiger and a cat made from plain rice and mix with hard boiled yolk egg. I cut the sea weed to make the eyes, nose and mouth. I made the pikachu from the hard boiled white  egg and add the karage ( fried bonelss chicken) with broccoli as a vegetable.

Baymax!!!!. Who don't love it??. This is one of my fav character because it was too easy to make. You just need a plain rice but please use a Japanese rice for a perfect shape since it has a sticky character that will help you a lot when it comes to mould job. Those loves shapes are made from egg and I add a flowers shape just to make it more colourful. Eyes and mouth are using seaweed.

Piano bento. I put a plain rice at the bottom and lay on a fried egg on top of the plain rice. Simply just cut the seaweed into that shape. I add a cute divider in between the piano and uchikawa (fish cake). Behind that was a 2 octopus that made from sausage.

A rabbit theme!. I used the rabbit mould. Those rabbits are made from plain rice. I used the crab stick to make the ears. Seaweed for eyes and mouth. A ketchup for the blusher. My chicken is not really turned well. But who cares??...Hahah..

Finally. A fish from a fish cake. Fins and tail are from crab stick and yes,  eyes and mouth is made from sea weed. Owhh!! Suddenly I love sea weed so much! It kind a life saver when comes to Bento thingy. Hehehe...Those flower white shapes are from hard boiled egg. Fried rice as a base.  

Thank you for reading!. I hope you guys can benefit something from this entry. InshaALLAH.

Jiya ma ta!


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