How To Make DIY Glitter Jar

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We had a fun activity yesterday doing a Glitter Jar. It was easy and the materials is not difficult to find. We bought all our materials at DAISO. ( 100 yen shop).

Materials for Glitter Jar :

A medium glass jar or pet bottle
2-3 tubes of glitter glue
Food coloring
Warm water
Chopstick / fork / spoon ( to stir )

Hereby is the simple steps  for you to follow :

 1) Pour the warm water until one-third of the jar

 2) Add your favorite color of glitter glue into the warm water

3) Now, using a chopstick stir the mixture until the glitter glue dissolved

4) To make it more interesting , you can add one drop of the food coloring and glitter into the mixture

5) Stir it well or closed the jar and shake it.

6) Finally, you can make a simple decoration to your glitter jar. My daughter glued ribbons on top of the lid and at the jar body. She really loves it. 

In another way, you can just pour everything in the jar and stir until everything combined. I just want to teach my children on how to follow the rule. After all, the result will remain same.

Have fun and enjoy your Glitter Jar!!!.

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