Bento : School Resume After One Week Of Golden Week Holiday!

By Wednesday, May 13, 2015 , , , ,


Today nak share another bento that I have made for my dear daughter in Japan. Nothing fancy since the bekas is too small to put a story behind the  food. I wish I can do it one fine day!

Back To School Theme. Hence, People on the bus goes round and round......

The next day, still inspired with people theme. So, I just made a people face and add on ikan masak kicap.

And today......I cooked fried noodle and made some decoration with Mr Owl using the fish cake.

I was really happy and satisfied when I can give the best to my children. Especially, the one that we do with all our heart. Bukan terpaksa . Moga ALLAH SWT sentiasa redha dengan kehidupan kami di sini.

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