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Now , let me share my review on our stay in nearby Kyoto Station area. First and foremost, let me writes a few reasons on why we  choose a fully furnish house rather than rent a hotel for our trip :

1) Halal food : It's difficult to find a halal food in Kyoto. Not in our nearby house. There is a one place near a Kyoto Muslim Centre. But we don't figure out the place at all. Normally, we will stop by at AEON supermarket to buy the basic groceries since it's located at the same route to our house.

2) Limitation of clothes : We only bring 1 medium size of suit case (hand luggage) to fix for 5 people's clothes. I have 3 small children (7yrs old, 4yrs old and 3 yrd old). Hence, we need a washing machine to ensure that everyone will have a clean suit to wear everyday.

3) More comfortable :Traveling alone is tiring. Having a 3 small children sometimes will be challenging. A huge space inside and outside the house is kind of gifted for us. My children love to play at the backyard and counting the train passing by in front of the house . It was fun!

The owner was very kind and helpful. She allowed us to check in 1 hour early. It's very easy to find the house from the Kyoto Station. They will send you a map , very details one. Don't worry, you won't get lost. InshaALLAH. :)

If you're interested too, please go here : Many good reviews written there. There is only 2 things that I need to highlight but not a BIG issue for us. 

1) The bathroom is located outside from the house but it's attached together. You just need to open the back door .We don't have a problem with this since we both come from village ( suburb's ) area. 

2) The house is also next to the train tracks and you would sometimes hear the trains pass by, but its never loud or frequent enough where it would disrupt sleep or rest. 

3) All basic kitchen utensils is provided except for main ingredients for cooking i.e ; salt and sugar. I just highlighted this since some owners provide these things in their house. So, in case you guys wondering about that..I'm telling you now.

4) The house is double storey type. The stairs is quite steep. Hence, if you have a baby or toddlers so please be extra careful. 

For the price, It's just same as a hotel. If you make a reservation during a peak time i.e ; weekends, and public holidays, the fees is quite expensive. So, total spent for our stay with Airbnb house is RM2764 for 6D 5N.

Hereby is the photos of the house. More a less same as in the website.

Train is keep passing by in front of the house


Kids is playing around. Happily!
Kitchen with basic amnesties

A dine table

Very clean toilet
Back door which will lead you to the backyard and bathroom

Washing machine and bath tub

The stairs that will lead you to the bedroom.

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  1. hg masak2 la ye nan? Minat gk air bnb ni tp xpenah try lg hehe

  2. Yup, masak Ani..simple2 jer. Siap bawak kicap kipas manis lagi....Ni 2nd AirBnb aku dah try. Dulu kat Amsterdam pun AirBnb gak..kena tengok review dari guests lain. :)Tapi klu ko dtg sini, AirBnb nyer rumah aku la..hahah..

  3. wow.. Inshaallah ada impian nak ke kyoto nanti


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