Bento : Cute and Simple

By Friday, May 22, 2015 , ,

A cat theme. Simply using Japanese rice as a body. I don't have mold for this. Hence, It was manually done. Tips : do it while the rice is still hot. It will make your life easy.

A floral theme. Nasi goreng as a base. I used fish cake as a petal flower. Petals can be substitute with telur dadar.
A little girl and a tree. That-so-called-tree was from a broccoli. I used cheese for a dress. Telur dadar as a hair and crab stick as a ribbon. Eyes, nose and mouth is from sea weed.
Initially, I only want to make a face rabbit. But somehow, it was looks like something is missing since  I used a slightly bigger container . Then, I add her with a complete main body part. Cucumber : Shoes, eyes and stem. Carrots : upper body, ribbon and flower. Cheese : eyes and upper body decoration. Fish cake : Hands and face. Sea weed : nose and mouth.

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