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By Saturday, November 07, 2015 ,

Assalammualikum wbt

I was tagged by a dear blogger friend of mine . Hence, let's give her support since her purpose doing this is to expand her network,learn and inspire each other. So, you would stand a chance by winning the World Organic gift set worth RM50 by joining this giveaway

I am now currently loves to read these 3 blogs :

Why? Simply because she was my ex-schoolmate at MRSM BP. She is a doctor and currently on unpaid leave staying in Canada following his husband. Have 3 adorable children and I think we share the same passion and hobby i.e : homeschooling, art and craft, cooking and baking with the kids and writings.

Why? she is a working at home mother and having 3 small children. She shares a lot of tips on parenting, breastfeed and health. Se also inspired me with her determination and hardworking. Pernah masuk TV Al-Hijrah lagi. Cara penulisan beliau juga sangat menarik dan mudah difahami. Artikel beliau pernah menjadi viral di the vocket. Ex Petronas juga..hehehe... 

Why? Because she loves to write about her working life and small family. Her english is way much better than me. Hence, I learn it from her. Sometimes, the content in her blog can inspired me and boost up my spirit to keep istiqamah in updating my blog. We sometimes exchange information and shares ideas too since I think there is also similarity  in our blog content. 

That's all and Thank you for reading

Gambate kudasai!!!


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