Tokyo Iqra International School Science Fair 2015

By Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Assalammualaikum warahmatullah

The event was successfully held on last Saturday, 12th December 2015 at the community hall near kindergarten campus. All students except for kindergarten has  participated in the event.

Hannah's science teacher assigned a project to each of the students just  a week before the event. Her project was "Glowing bouncy egg". Her teacher gave the link from youtube for us to get the idea on how to make it.  The materials are easy to find such as; eggs, vinegar and small torchlight.

We started soaked the eggs with vinegar and wait about 2 days. Unfortunately, the egg shell is still hard and can't rub off. We just follow exactly what the video from youtube asked us to do. After I made some reads and research from another link from the internet, I found out there is something that need to be changed.

1) Egg - In Japan, there are 2 types of egg. White and brown egg shell. Initially, we were using the white type and I think, the shell is thicker than the brown.

2) Vinegar - The 'powerfulness' of the vinegar depends on it's ingredients. One made from rice or apple is less effective compared to the one that I used - white color and made from Philippine with halal  logo. Hehehe....

If I am not mistaken, we have used total 5-6 eggs in our experiment and sadly, all was broke and none of them turned out well. Only a day just before the event, I bought quail eggs since I think that their eggs have a thinner shell and perhaps can dissolve faster than the chicken egg. We don't have much time. I pray hardly hoping that my rational  and thought will not turn into a nightmare. I checked the eggshell every 30minutes and shows positive signs. The shell slowly cracked and I started to rub it off.

The final results! Yokattaa!!
The reaction between acid and carbonate created  the tiny hundred bubbles
Half rub off  egg chicken before it broke!
Before and after.
The one and only egg chicken that is ready for the show but suddenly,something bad was happened when Uwais came and accidentally broke it! Huwaaaaaaa!!! ( blood cry)

Hannah's turn just finished and too bad I did not record while she talks about her project to the judges. Sobs!!
She made her own poster with the help from her teachers.
All 1st runner up winners from grade 1- grade 3
Alhamdulillah...everything from ALLAH S.W.T after efforts and hard work.
Hannah to sensei desu! ( Hannah and his homeroom teacher)

With her classmate, Fahim. He won the gold medal by making "balloon hover craft".

All students from grade 1 before receiving their prizes
Okaasan to Hannah Chan no tomodachi desu ( Mother with Hannah's friends)


Ilmam made solar system and won 3rd place!

This young man is talking about density of different type of water.

Colorful project of "walking water"

Overall, I was overwhelmed  with the ability of the students. They can delivered their speech very well and all of  their project totally  awesome!. I made a full video about this science fair and you can watch that via Youtube.

It also featured in . Excellence job and great efforts from teachers, students and parents. I pray may they become a great muslim scientist one day..InshaALLAH. :)

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    he is my dad =')

    1. Tak boleh kot...masam! hahaha...akak ex students die Siti..Ex MRSM BP. Tapi bukan guru kelas or homeroom. Kenal die as cikgu kat sane masa belajar kat MRSM BP.

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    3. Akak batch spm98...tak leh recall CT masa tu ade ke tidak..huhuhu..

  2. i really like the video about our school


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