Cycling at Gyotoku

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Last Sunday we bring our kids to Miniami Park Centre . From Shinkoiwa, we used JR line and stop at Nishi Funabashi and changed the train to Tozai Line. Take another train to Gyotoku. I forgot the details on how to get to the park from Gyotoku Station. But it only took around 5 - 10 minutes on feet. InshaALLAH, I will share the details in next entry on how to get to this park if I go there again.

It was my 1st time to get there. Unlike hubby, he will go there once a week for Friday prayer. Well, the park is just in front of the mosque.

It open 6 days per week. Closed on every Monday and if Monday is public holiday, so it will be closed on Tuesday.
Here is the mosque.View taken from the park.
They have variety types of bicycles that you can rent without any single yen. Yes! It's free!
Here is the rules when you want to rent the bikes ; 1) There will a person in charge inside that building park center and he will ask you how many kids that you have, their ages and how many parents will accompany them. 2) Next thing to do is, fill up a simple form about your details ; name , time of rental and your address. 3) He will give you a rubber band with number tied with it. Please keep it until you return your bicycles. 4) Choose your desired and suitable bicycles  depends on your children's age. 5) Enjoy it!!!
They made this park not only for kids to enjoy and learn on how to cycle. But they designed it with road safety design including the traffic lights. How cool is that!
Not quiet easy job for the 1st timer. Ganbate Umair Kun! I know you can do it!
There is a time that you will look back at your past. It's OK to think and reflect about it. But..don't dwell it too much son! Keep calm and ask forgiveness from ALLAH S.W.T. Loves yourself and move on dear..InshaALLAH, you will find ease and peace in yourself
Practice make perfect!

The happiest kid since he just need to sit still on his tricycle while me with hubby take turn to push him round the park. *Ish...ish..ish*
I had enough by pushing his tricycle  and asked him to change with another type of tricycle. Initially, he was fussy and whining about it..until he saw few kids like his age enjoying cycling using the same type like him
Take a break by having a few slices of homemade pizza. Yummehh!!

They closed at 4:00 pm and the kids continued play at the nearby park. After that, we straightly went back home. It was fun activity. 

If  you stay at Tokyo vicinity and no idea where to spent your time with the children, then I highly recommended this place for you. My kids keep asking when we can go bike again although they did not know how to bike like a pro!

Thank you for reading peeps!

Enjoy your day.

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