Safely landed in Malaysia. Sayonara are going to be missed!

By Tuesday, May 24, 2016 ,

Assalammualaikum w.b.t


We already landed safely in KLIA around 0415am, 15 May 2016, Sunday. Thank you for the du'a and welcoming home greetings. I truly appreciate it.

To be honest, I don't want back for good. I do miss my parents, siblings, relatives and friends. They are special to me. But living in Nihon is really different to me. A place that you will find ease at most of everything.

The people are very nice and kind. All of them are respect each other including  the janitor, cashier, taxi driver, obaa-chan, ojii-chan. You will find most of them really responsible with their belongings. No vandalism at all. Their public phone is in good condition. No advertisement paper / sticker or paint . All are clean and well kept.

Toilet is very clean. Everywhere - train station, restaurant, mall, supermarket, KUMON center, school and public toilet.

I have been 10 days in Malaysia and I feel so shocked with everything. From cashier, eggs, drivers, toilet and most of everything. I know it's not good but I can't help myself from doing that. I think I am alone...but I was wrong. Few of friends are feel the same. Feel annoyed  with something that you think it's not nice and good.

I will share something about it later. My days is quite hectic since I have a lot of  ' things to do' that need to settle it down as soon as possible. From house, scouting the children's school and cars. My husband is not around and I have to manage the kids as well.  Nope..I am not alone..I know ALLAH S.W.T is always with me..with you ..with us!

Pray for my 'speedy recovery'.

That's all and thank you for reading!

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  1. rata2 yg balik malaysia akan 'tekejut' mcm laa nany ni laa malaysia...lagi2 dgn org2 asing mcm indon, bangla, myanmar semua tu...mencacatkan suasana...ape2 pun usaha okey utk serasikan diri....

    selamat kembali ke malaysia....take care .... cepat2 update nanti kehidupan terkini...mesti busy tu nak urus sekolah budak2 kan....

  2. welcome back. tak sabar tunggu next entry :)

  3. alahaiiiiiiiiiii rindunya jepun kan :)

    mesti penuh dgn kenangan manis kan :)

    back for good ke nany?

  4. Akakkkk. All the best di malaysia. Nanti bole jumpa. Tak dpt jmpa kay jepun jmpe kat malaysia pun jadilah. Hehe

  5. hi nany.. mybe one day u boleh pegi sana lagi, mmg plan to stay there lg kn..Ua pun pnh fikir cmtu hihi..tpikn umi UA pun mse dok overseas dia kte rse cm xnk blk..hehe

  6. tak dapat bayang bila kena balik malaysia nanti. nooo


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