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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Hannah has completed her first module basic sewing class with Epal Training Center. She has made seven projects with help and assistance from the trainers. I think, the most difficult task for her is to stitch the button and  the thick fabric together.  But after all, she really had fun making her own crafts.

Hannah Dearie,

I am very proud of  you!  Just to let you know . Back then, while I was at your age , Mama was not being able  to do all these since your opah's sewing machine is very old school one. Plus, back then..opah was not really encouraged me , Mak Lang and Mak Chik to touch her sewing machine.

She will get mad because she was afraid if we  make something bad to her machine. But I did not blame her. Our life was quite hard during that day. Of course, opah really taking care her belongings right?
And recently, during Aidil Adha  Mak asked me to make a small string bag or pouch for her.  Her line was like this :

"mak nak letak pisau nak  buat potong bawang bawak pegi kejobos (rewang / bekwoh / gotong royong)  nanti"

So sweet and cute right?

InshaALLAH mak..Nanti Angah buat bila ada masa yer :)

For me, sewing has a lot of benefits to our children. Aside from fine motor skill training,  it also teaches us to become a patient person.

It will test their  mathematics knowledge which is I think was very good for her. She is now in standard two and currently learning a measurement topic in her mathematics syllabus.

Of course by taking a measurement in "cm" and "inches" was really fun especially when she can demonstrate her skill willingly. No pressure at all :)

Last but not least,

Let's figure out our children's  skill and maximize their potential by supporting them. I believe, by giving them a 100% support, they will become a content child and independent person. InshaALLAH.

That's all and thank you for reading!

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  1. So... should show here the pouch/compartments bag for opah to keep her knife for rewang. Kakak imagine how happy opah seen her requirement fulfills:)

  2. comel je opah hehe.. bagus kan dedahkan anak-anak dgn aktiviti begini di awal usia.bagi ada skill dari pelbagai bidang.


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