When Hannah Learned In Making A Decision

By Wednesday, August 28, 2019 ,

Today Hannah learned in making an important decision. I think it seems difficult and a bit of pressure for her.

She has had to make some very difficult decisions as she was selected to go for Ujian Permata Pintar UKM-2 from 11 am - 2 pm at another school. And at the same time, she also needs to be at her school for drawing banner competition at 2 pm.

A few days, she keeps thinking about how to handle this situation. She knew that for the test of Permata Pintar that we've been working hard to make sure she completed the questions. Unlike, a previous year which she only did halfway and thus, did not get any opportunities to seat for the second test.

She also felt guilty with her classroom's teacher and other her classmates for the banner competition. So many 'what if' that occurred in mind.

She said,

"kesian pada kawan-kawan and cikgu"
" kalau tak pergi Ujian Permata Pintar tu rugi pula"
"nanti kalau lambat datang pertandingan tuh, takut kawan-kawan tanya banyak soalan, kenapa lambat"
"ujian Permata Pintar tuh tak boleh buat next time ke"
"Sempat ke tak?"

I've tried my best to guide her including not to bias towards my feelings. I said, "kalau kakak dapat pergi both, lagi bagus"

Last night, before she went to bed she told me that she wanted to go for the banner competition. Then, I said OK. Up to you.

And surprisingly, when she finished her shower this morning. She changed her mind. She said she wanted to go for both!

Alhamdulillah. I keep asking whether she's firmed with her decision. Then, she said YES!

Here you go, my girl! I know you have done your best and let's move on. Most importantly, I can see your spirit and you try to overcome your diffident. 

Done and dusted. Hundreds of questions. All must answered using a  laptop.
And for now, good luck for the competition. 

I am proud of you.

For the decision that you have made
For the courage and empathy that you are trying to build-up
For showing no fear of difficult things
For all the positive vibes
For knowing that ALLAH Almighty is always with us.

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  1. Tahniah Hannah... acik proud of you

  2. Salam sis, anak sis sekolah sini ye?aritu bc blog sekolah intergasi puncak Jalil? Actually am still searching for a school for my daughter yang akan masuk Tahun 1 2021..dah daftar SK Seksyen 1 tapi sesi petang plak..huhu..dilema.. :)

    1. Wslmwarahmatullah...Yups...years ago she was in Integrated School Puncak Jalil. Lepas tuh, changed school to Seksyen 2 BK. Seksyen 1 memang ada 2 sesi. Tapi dengar cerita Seksyen 2 also dah applied utk 2 sesi juga. Cuma tak pasti bila. My two sons are still in Integrated School Puncak Jalil.


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