The multi-sensory approach and multiple intelligences in teaching.

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Last week I taught my pupils in starters level at Sekolah Rendah Islam Integrasi Cheras about vocabulary in context of small toys. Since I just take over the class last month, so I just did a review on this topic before they did some exercises related to this topic.

My teaching aids are to help me during the lessons  : Projector, white board and flashcards.
My Supplementary materials are to help the students : Picture cards, worksheet and games.

Firstly, I printed and laminated the flash cards ( 10 text cards ) for all the vocabularies in the topic. I used the magnetic tape that I bought from Daiso IOI Mall Puchong and stuck it at the back of the text cards.

Then I printed the picture cards which being included in the PMB ( Photocopy Master Book ) . I love PMB as it help me a lot for my teaching aid.

I asked my learners to cut the picture cards and put them on their table.

Next, I put all my text cards on the white board behind the projector screen. Students can't see what text cards that I'm going to pick and showed to them.

I asked learners to look and say the words each time I show it to them. Then, they have to find the correct picture and show it to the class.

These multi-sensory approached was meant for visual and auditory learners. I have text cards of the small toys - so that's visual, and then we did a lot of listening and pointing - that's auditory. It can called visual-spatial intelligence. When we see, remember or imagine an object or a shape, we use our spatial intelligence.

Here is the video on how I conducted the lesson for the multi-sensory approach :

After I've finished with all words. I asked learners to complete their worksheet. It always advisable to mix the stirrer and settler activities in your lesson plan.

I hope this sharing can benefit you especially to all the beginner teachers. 

Thanks for reading.

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