How to conduct baking / cooking class online for kids.

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After I've got a certificate ( CELT- P ) from Cambridge, I'm feel more motivated. I've challenged myself to conduct a baking class via online. 

But before that,  I've enrolled Hannah for the online baking class with KLC  ( Khadijah Learning Centre) . After that, I knew it's possible to do it. Hence, my first experiment with these bunch of lovely children. They were our kids' friends when we were at Japan not long time ago.

The main objective is to teach the students about imperatives - verbs that we use to give instructions or orders.

It couldn't be happened without the support from the parents. They the one who willingly spent their  money and time to buy and prepare the ingredients and help their children. 


Here are the tips that you can follow or have it in mind.

1) Lesson Plan
Set your main goal and have a clear objective. For example, I want to teach my students the imperatives  in the context of the recipe. And, at the end of the lesson, I want them to understand and practice the imperatives.

2) Recipe
Create your own recipe or find it from the internet. Make sure that the instructions  are complying to what you need. I've added or replaced the words and make it suit with my students' understanding. 

3) Timing
Plan your timing correctly. Since my class in one hour, I've divided the lesson into two parts. I'll explain and brief the students on what is the imperatives means. Next, we did a simple quiz. Finally, we started our baking project.

4) During the hands-on baking class
Try as best as you can to follow the step from the recipe. Read it aloud so that the students can hear the instructions. Remind the students to enable their camera as much as you can.

I've waited patiently for each steps that they need to follow. Keep asking them, how are they doing. Before the lesson ended, I've asked them how they are feeling. Are they happy? Excited? was it fun?

5) Ask the students to take their cake's photo and share it via WhatsApp. Praised and congratulated them for their excellent job. Also, thanked the parents for their support too.

Updates from my students.
5) Follow up  

In the normal lesson next week, I've made a simple revision on the imperatives. i.e : jumbled words game. Spell the word C-U-T in a different way : T -U - C. Ask the students to guess and answer.

6) Others 

To add more excitement, I've made a poster using Canva and shared it with my students a week before the class.

IE4 and IE6 are the levels of the students. Their ages are between 10 years old - 13 years old

For having an impactful lesson, make sure that you have a small size of class. I've had only seven students during this online baking class conducted.

Finally, do a reflection after your class ends. Think about what went wrong / good. By having this thought, you will make some improvements in your next class.InshaALLAH...

That's all for now and I hope you guys can benefits from this sharing. Thank you for reading!


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