DIY Birthday Card

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Assalammualaikum wbt.

I am going to share on how to make a DIY birthday card for kids. This is an easy DIY that I think you can do it with your children. Mine is 7yrs old and 4yrs and half. The birthday card is for their friends who will turn 3 yrs and 5yrs old.

Simple materials that we used to make this card is :

1) Paper with any color that you like . Our paper size is 7.5cm x 25cm. A bit smaller than A4 size.
2) Felt
3) Glue
3) Pencil Color
4) Decoration tape
5) Marker Pen
6) Scissors

I have sketch two theme for my children to choose. It just a simple one. Here is an example :

1) A caterpillar and a birthday cake
My daughter opted birthday cake  and my son agreed to have a caterpillar as for their birthday card theme. Next, take a paper then fold in the middle. Now, it will looks like a card.
We bought a felt with a sticker and grid pattern behind it. It was really helpful esp for children. They can draw nicely on the paper itself. After we finished with the drawing, then use a scissors to cut the line. 
Then, simply glue it on the paper. Keep doing the same until you totally done and satisfied with the final product. We put the decoration tape on the right side of the card. You can add anything that you like i.e ; stickers / ribbon / beads & etc.

And as for my son. I helped him with caterpillar card :

Just cut out a heart shape in two different sizes. Then stick it on the paper. Using a marker pen, you can draw the legs , eyes , mouth and nose. 

I cut out the circle shape to make a sun and he is trying to put it on. I also asked him to draw anything on the card. He then drew a grass / soil and some flowers on it.

This activity will benefit him on a imagination of nature, improve  him on fine motor skill, learning about colors and shape, writing letters and counting . Finally, what most important is the process that involved. Don't bother much on the final result because they are still learning. Well, everyone is still learning including us!

Why hesitate to try? . All the best and happy crafting everyone!

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