Student presentation and Eid celebration at Tokyo IQRA' International School

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Assalammualaikum wbt


We had a wonderful event at Hannah's school yesterday. It was a get together event or I would say a celebration of eid with teachers, management staff, parents and students. There was a various food and traditional dish from different countries. The taste was delicious and scrumptious because it's all homemade dishes. :)

I cooked yellow sticky rice and chicken rendang. The event started at 10:30 am but we decided to go a bit late. Instead of went to primary building for plants observation, we straight went to the hall where the main activity will be conducted.

Nowadays, a weather is a bit hot since we're in summer session . It's a quite challenging for us to get around without a car. We walked from our house to the nearest train station . Well, it took about 8-10minutes to reach at the station. After ride a train for only 1 stop, we took a taxi to go the venue. 

Inside the JR train from Shinkoiwa to Koiwa. As always, Umair is very excited and enjoying the view from the train's window.
Uwais will very happy if he can hold grip holder. Always asked me or my husband to carry him so that he is able to holding at it.
Inside the dining room at level 2. They divided the space into 2 areas. One for men and another one for women. Actually,  it was a large one room but separated by the sliding door.
This is Japanese style. Everybody is sitting on the cushion and eat together. It was all about a culture and I really feel grateful for this kind of opportunity that I had. I managed  to have a short conversation with non-Malaysian mommies . It was good to know each other especially those who not have the same culture with me.

Men's side
After Zuhur prayer, we then went to the main hall at level 3. The event was kicked off by one of their teacher with reciting the short surah. Followed by performance from KG1-2, KG3, Grade 1, Grade 2 and last but not least was grade 3. 

Hannah was being chosen to give a speech at the stage. Initially, she don't like it because she doesn't want to speak in front of people. But, after I explained then she agreed and more to 'redha' I guess. Hahaha..

Since the script is lengthy and due to very last minute of preparation. I don't have time to train her to memorize everything. Finally, she just read the script and the teacher don't have any problem with that.

Hannah is having a conversation with one of her classmate. A Libyan boy.

While waiting
Adorable kids gave their performance (from KG1 and KG2)
Performance from KG3

Another performance from KG3
A performance from students of Grade 1 . Hannah looks like very sad and having want-to-cry face. Fuhh..I was really nervous at this time. Luckily, she did OK on her speech. :) 

This is Hannah 's teacher classroom. He is explaining about their science project. Planting and growing a chili plants.
Grade 2 science project. Noor Ilmam is giving his speech. Well done!

Students of grade 3 performance.

One of the students in grade 3 is giving his speech

A round big applause to all students after receiving their examination's result
Before the end of the event, Mr Andrew (Andy)  delivered his final speech before he will be going to USA. He was a sporting teacher and expert on how to interact with the students. He treated his students like his friends and of course all students likes him very much. Good bye Mr Andy, All the best for your future undertakings . We hope you had a wonderful time and sweet memories in IQRA' school.

Courtesy photo by our expert photographer. (Mrs Alea). A Malaysian parents with the students and teachers.
Thank you to all teachers and management staff for making this event happened and  went smooth. Indeed, it was a good experience to be part of IQRA's family.  Hannah did well in her last examination. Alhamdulillah..for whatever good or bad things ALLAH SWT blessed us. I am a happy mom of course! :)

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