Curry puff Terengganu Style

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Assalammualaikum w.b.t

I have made curry puff quite often within this few weeks. Perhaps once or twice a week?. I can't recall exactly how many times that I knead the flour but the good thing is, I can memorize the ingredients at right measurement with the correct ratio.

Ingredients that you need to make a curry puff pastry is:

1) Wheat flour = 500 gram
2) Cooking oil or butter = 1/2 cup
3) Chilled water  = 1/2 to 1 cup
4) A pinch of salt

Tips :

Here are my findings when I tried butter vs cooking oil. The pastry is more crunchy and easy to crimp if used cooking oil. If you want to use butter, please add 1 - 2 more tbsp extra or reduce the amount of the flour

Add in the chilled water SLOWLY into the flour-butter mixture whilst ensure to keep kneading it continuously until  it become soft and elastic. Please stop adding the chilled water when the dough reach at this stage

Ingredients to make the fillings :

1) Saba fish (mackarel) - around 500 gram
2) Coconut milk
3) 3 shallots
1) 1 inch of ginger
5) A pinch of salt

Firstly, boil the fish until it cooked. Let it cool before you can take out their meat. Please be careful when comes to sorting the fish between the meat and bones. If you have a food processor then you can easily put all the ingredients into the food processor. But if you don't have one..don't worry since you can just mash the meat using ladle, fork or spoon. It was an easy job and perhaps you can ask your children or toddler to do that for you.

I add pandan leaf for a nice aroma
Next, add in the coconut milk into another pot and bring it to boil. Put the smashed meat fish,blended ginger and shallots. Finally, season it with sugar and salt. Cook until there is no more gravy left.

Now the fillings is ready and you can start make your own curry puff

 I am not good in crimping job but somehow, I don't like using the curry puff mold as well.

Tips to avoid the pastry not to looks coarse and uneven, make sure the cooking oil is not too hot. You can always add more cooking oil to make sure the temperature always at medium level.

Alhamdulillah, it turns out well and my family loves it !

You guys can try it too. Ganbare!

That's all and thank you for reading.

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  1. nyum nyum sedap karipap terengganu..isi ikang banyok..

  2. oooo..gini ke style terengganu..takde rempah2 pun isi ikan tu ye..wahhh sedap ni :)


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