Review on Halal Ippin Ramen Restaurant

By Friday, January 22, 2016 ,

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

Another episode of Jalan jalan cari kedai makan halal was located in Asakusa, Tokyo.  You need to find the exit to the Kaminarimon from Asakusa train station. This gate will lead you to the Sensoji Temple.

When you're facing the gate exactly like this photo then you have to cross the junction and follow the red arrow. You still can go through the gate and it will lead you to the Sensoji temple but I avoid it due  to big crowd along the street.
keep walking straight. You will see Sushizanmai restaurant on your left
Starbucks coffee on your right
Then, you have to cross another road
Look at your left side...and there is an orange street. Keep walking about another 5 minutes  until....
 you arrive at this main junction and there is a Familymart convenient store as a landmark. Cross the road and turn right. ( as a red arrow)
Keep walking straight
ROX building at your right side
Saray Kebab on your left ( but I am not sure whether this Halal or not)
you will find this on your left too..keep walking again
Until you spot this hotel on your right side then Ippin restoren just on your left...
Yeayyy~~~~ yokattaa!!!!
bar counter style at the 1st floor
Use stairs to go to the 2nd floor
Menu on that day
Initially I wanted to try this one. But, I have to cancel it last minute because still wanted to taste their signature ramen
Interior looks like
praying space provided
2nd floor is suitable for families and those with small children

We ordered ramen milky white soup
and deep fried chicken
here is our ramen looks like and the taste is 97% similar like our chicken maggie in Malaysia. :p .  The only different is, few chicken slices and Japanese spinach were added in the soup.
As a proof for halal restaurant.
Last but not least, I am sharing my thoughts and points of the restaurant and the foods that we have tried :

1) The location is good since it can be reached from Asakusa train station on feet within 10 - 15minutes.
2) The space in most of the Japanese restaurant is confine. Hence, you may want to make a reservation if you want to come with group of friends or family with small children.
3) Toilet and prayer space is located at the 2nd floor
4) Alhamdulillah, the taste of ramen that we eat yesterday was good, not delicious but just OK. Since it halal, then we suppose to feel and act more thankful and grateful for all rizqi that ALLAH S.W.T gives us.
 5) Of course, I prefer laksa and home made mee curry over this ramen. :p

That's all

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Hahaha me too
    Ramen x kena ngan tekak
    But byk type of ramen blh try khen
    Ramai ckp x brpa sedap kt siniπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Ikut tekak juga kot ekkk

    By da way umoq u brpa ekk?
    Nihongo wakaru?


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