First acne treatment in An-Nur Specialist Skin Clinic

By Sunday, July 05, 2020 ,

Assalammualaikum w.b.t

I brought Hannah to this clinic after noticed that her acne were getting worst. Few skin products bought from pharmacy for her to try. Unfortunately none of these products works. Currently, she only used Cetaphil liquid to wash her face. I'm not confident to ask her to use toner and moisturizer even though I know this is a basic step for the skin routine.

I understand that  her hormone is unstable as she's already reached puberty which make sense why she got acne. Her skin is oily and dry too.

According to the doctor that we have met, she needs to change her diet. Eat less carb foods - rice, roti canai, mee and cakes. Poor Hannah! These all her favorite food except roti canai. She loves eating rice the most!

I remembered while I was a tween same age like her. I love rice so much until I always sneaked eating rice whenever I hungry.  Read - breakfast, lunch, after lunch, evening and night and of course, my mom will get angry with me whenever she found it out. HAHAHAH!

The differences are - I was an active child at that time.I always walks to the school, rides my bike, climbs trees  and play outdoor. My acne came when I was in elementary school - form 4 onwards.

Unlike Hannah, she's an indoor person but there's an exception for the shopping mall. Walking in the shopping mall is a therapy for her .

It's a difficult thing to do for her when she was not allowed to eat rice as normal before. We cut the portion and try hard become a discipline teacher in the house. There were ups and downs of course! There were the days, when I feel pity to her although I know she must stick to the new diet menu. Cause I can feel her.


Total cost for first time treatment is RM205 - ( RM80 for consultation ) and the rest is for the medicines. Tretinon and Benzac are the cream and that bottle is for the cleanser.

 The clinic is located in Bandar Baru Bangi and it's a first floor. Please make an appointment before you want to meet a doctor. Payment is CASH only. 
I can't give any feedback yet on the result since it's only few days from our first met. Hannah must complete her antibiotics and then, there will be another appointment at the end of this month.

Please pray for her acne to go away and InshaALLAH...As parents, I hope this is the best thing that we can do.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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