Juice Maker

By Sunday, August 09, 2009

This is my new skill. Let me teach you how to make an orange juice simply using your hand. No blender or juice maker. The taste ?.... err, my parents doesn't enough brave to taste it. That's ok! as long as I enjoy making the juice and I like the taste as well........

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  1. Wow!! nice!! bleh bg auntie sket?? hehehe...

  2. Hannah..JUICE..JUICE (edisi SERAH KHAN..dlm KUCH KUCH HOTAK HG) hahahaha

  3. ARWEN : Ahaks! boley, nanti panggil sophie dtg umah leh wat juice beramai2 yer!

    TINI : Hahahahahaha... (tu jer aku boley ckp)