Uncle Pa has turned 2*!!!!

By Saturday, August 22, 2009 ,

I got an invitation from Erza about 3 days before the event. She's planned a surprise birthday party for her husband, Fadhil. The couple just got married a few months ago. Tak sure, whether their herna (inai) masih merah or not. Hehehehe. They was in PJJ mode (Percintaan Jarak Jauh). The husband is working at Bintulu and The Wife is working at KL. Haiihhh..saba jer la korang yer..

Fadhil's birthday was on 17 August. So the trick was like this...she's invited all Fadhil's close friends and will be having a dinner at Timor Place somewhere at Taman Dagang, Ampang. Initially, she asked Syear to guide us..but then, he was not in KL. So, Zed need to replaced him. Be there around 8.30pm.

Since the email is not extended to my husband. So, I need to inform him about the invitation and the trick. Unfortunately, he can't make it due to his demanding job that need him to go to UTP (something bout the project to final student). But, rase bersalah seposen bcoz time my husband surprise birthday party ari tuh, this couple is among the earliest one who come to make a "SURPRISE!!!" thingy...thanks pal!. So, I just say "yes" saje laa, plus, my husband pon dah kasik approval.

At that a.m, I got a text from my husband , told me that his outstation trip was being cancelled. I'm so relief for that. Thank you for his TP that could not make it because of his health condition. Takder makna nyer if TP tak dpt join. So, I've changed the plan. I texted Zed, told him that three of us will going back our house 1st and will depart rite after Maghrib prayer and wait us at Ampang Point. We're off around 7.45pm. We took MEX highway exit at Jln Tun Razak and used Jln Ampang Hilir. Hmmm...the traffic was very bad. We're moving inch by inch. Plus hujan pulak tuh. Lagi laaaa..saba jer la. After we lost as usual...finally we're arrived at Ampang Point around 9.00pm. Next, need to wait within 5 minute for Zed for fetch us. So, upon arrival..there was 3 of them already...Birthday Man, Erza and Raja. Muka Birthday Man masa tuh...cool jer..I bet he doesn't smell anything yet.

15 to 20 min later, another entourage was coming. If I not mistaken...Messo, Aza, KZ, Cimmat, Adi, Sha and Raees... This time around, I guess we can't hide anything from Birthday Man since Aza is holding a Secret Recipe paper bag. No more Secret now!..Ha...now, baru Birthday Man gelak besar and I guess..he know already, we're here for celebrating his birthday.

We proceed with our dinner..I was having a chicken chop and fries, and Nasik Goreng Timor Place for my husband. The taste is so-so for Chicken Chop. But for Nasik Goreng was quite good. Memang penuh pinggan . Air die pon sama juagk. Boley minum 2 org for 1 glass. Like Zed said, "minum dlm pasu bunge". Hahahahaha.. The most food yg best mlm tuh was called "The Kunyahs"..sounds funny but the taste was off the roof!. Tak tipu!...if sape2 nak pegi this place. Sila order menu nih yer...

Then, mcm biase, borak2...luckily Hannah was in good mood smpi habih majlis. She was really clingy with me. Mmg dok atas my lap dari mula smpi until she doze off around 10 near to 11pm. Nagntuk sangat dah die. I was quiet impressed with her for this. This is her 1st time during outing, slept on my lap..Angkut bwk masuk keta pon lena jugak. If mcm nih selalu kan senang. Btw, she was also distracted by her favourite pet. A kitten!. Tapi, since that kitten was dirty and wet..maybe kena hujan la kots. She's was not allowed to touch that animal. Very excited one...Lupa nak amik gambo.

The next one is of course..cutting cake session...wah, wah, wah..siap ader lilin nak tiup lagi. Just buat syarat jer kot...coz there was only four candles on the cake. Malu2 Birthday Man blow out the candles...tapi dlm hati sure syok habih. The taste pon not bad. According to Erza and Aza, this is the latest flavor of cake for Secret Recipe.Butterscotch flavor. Kalau dah Secret Recipe, mmg standard kek2 die rase ais krim ...Mmg moist sgt2.

Finally, we're off around 11.30pm. Thank you Erza and Birthday Man. Lain kali buat la lagi. Best makan free. Again, Happy Birthday Fadhil!

Messo is coming, salam jgn tak salam

Apsal Zed? susah hati jer muka?..Aza gak yg posing senyum malu2..

Haaa..say cheeese...

Thanks to all coz make your time ..bla, bla, bla....

Family saye!

Upacara bergossip

Sila tiup lilin

Zed dgn air dlm pasu bunge

Eceh, eceh, eceh...sudu menyudu nampak

Me and Hannah

Erk, apsal Hannah? muka mcm tak biase amik gambo pulak..

Posing lagi

Adi and Co.

Haih..ni muka apsal pulak zed?..Messo tuh jeling2...die nak ke nasik ko tuh Zed?

Khusyuk dgr ceta Adi..

Permatahati Adi & Sha...Raees!

Lambat sgt balik, tido dulu laaaaa

Video tiup lilin

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  1. thank you! for the posting...
    thanks for making it to the party...
    tu la.. time korg datang..blur2 je.. hikhik...
    nanti kite wat acara bukak puasa plak...
    korg balik kg bile?


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