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By Tuesday, August 25, 2009 ,

My hand phone was rang while I had a discussion with my colleague and my superior and It was from my maid. I just ignoring my superior and my colleague with their discussion and the conversation was like this...

Me : Hallooo~~
Bibik : Kaqq... (kakak) gas nya udah habiss..bibik mau masaq sup Hannah.....
Me : Err...hmmmm...nanti sy call balik

As I put the phone down, my brain is working to solve the problem. Right after that, I remembered that, there was a business card that I 've took from the shop near our house. They can make a delivery. Suddenly, I remembered that we have no penny at our house. Then, how on earth we can make a payment. No, I will not let my daughter starving..there must be solution!..think,think,think....

Me : Hello, yang?
Hubby : yup..
Me : where are you?
Hubby : kat bank nih..
Me : gas dah habih la..u ader tinggalkan duit tak kat umah..
Hubby : tader laa..
Me : takper laaa
Hubby : Suh la derang anta jer gas..balik nanti kiter baya
Me : Hmmm..boley ker? (dlm hati ckp, ingat kedai kat kampung ker, leh utang2..dahler tokeh kedai tuh tak kenai kite)

I have no choice...let me give a try 1st. You never try, so you never know. Ok, I can call bibik, ask her to read the phone number and I can call the tokeh and explain everything and I hope he will understand the situation...

Me : Bibik...boley tak bi...
My maid interrupt me before I can finish my line
Bibik : Uddaahh dimasak sup nya Hannah..bibik masak dalam periuk nasik ini...
Me : ke? dah masak ker?
Bibik : uddahhh siaaappp
Me : hmmm ..ok lah.. bye

Fuhh..sib baik ler..I never though to ask her to cook in the rice cooker. We do have a microwave and oven at home. Unfortunately, I don't trust her to use it. Esp with microwave..she has to know which plate or bekas yg can be used with the microwave. Well, whatever it is..the problem solved already.

On the way back home from our office. ...

Hubby : lesson time kite kena tinggai duit kat bibik..
Me : Ok, noted.

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