Zuyyin Birthday Bash

By Sunday, January 31, 2010 , ,

Thank you Ana for the invitation. We'd really enjoyed the moment though we missed the cutting cake session. What to do, Little boss tido, if kejut nanti, tak pasal2 ngamuk. Same like last year, Zuyyin had a birthday bash for the second time. Timing was a different. This time around, the party was held around 3pm and onwards (Tea Time theme) while last year was held during lunch hour.

I like the bihun sup very much and the birthday cake as well. I know, Secret Recipe won't let you down!. I was happy for Hannah on that day because she'd really enjoyed to meet Zuyyin for their 2nd time after back from Langkawi. They both just know how to communicate each other. Well, they speak the same language. Oh dear, I was remembered my childhood when looking at both of you.

Girls, both of your mothers was being a good friends ever since they was 6yrs old. Our relationship was never off until now. I am not insist both of you to be a BFF for each other but just remember my words here.... " semua umat islam adalah bersaudara" . So, keep it in your mind ok?. You will find a lot of people outside. But, truth friend are hard to find.

Dear Zuyyin,

Happy birthday again!. Obviously,you look pretty on your spacious day. Trust me, you will be an apple to your parent's eyes . Do not let them down. Your life is far too long to go and there will be ups and downs during the journey. Be strong and never turn back though you fell-off somewhere. Stand-up and go ahead. Ok?

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