Weekend ooohhh weekend!!

By Friday, January 15, 2010 ,

A wife to husband's cousin gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Jan, 6 2010 at HKL. A week before, I've being told by MIL that, the mommy got a breech baby and she's used a traditional massage done in her hometown to turn the baby to the normal position. But yet, after a week later, when she went for the check up, the baby was in a breech position again and because of that, the baby had to deliver via the cesarean section. And as for me, I have no idea and experienced how to make a comparison of this two things.

Since I will be having a guests at that night (2 couples) and being me, I opt to cook for the guests. so, I've prepared all dish (half-way-cooked) in the a.m and we went to my SIL's place at Kepong right after we've lunch at home. Then, we straight off to their place at Tmn Greenwood, Gombak. After spent 2/3 hours, I was reached home around 6pm and finished all the half-way-cooked thing. By 8.00pm, all are served. Soto Ayam and Bergedil Daging. Yummmy!

On the Sunday morning, here I am, Sitting on the couch watching telly and suddenly I was thinking to watch a movie and it's AVATAR. Within 15min, I was in front of the GSC IOI Mall and to my surprised it still closed!. Sigh. To waste my time, I went to MACY home furnishing which just 1 level upper from the GSC floor and, alas, they 're also closed. So, I went back to GSC and it's still same... Next, went to POPULAR book shop for 10min and after that, I went back to the MACY and yes!!!! they're ready for the business.

To make things feel better to shop here, I was told myself that we're in the stage of decorating our house. So, it's ok if I buy anything worth for our house though I know, MACY's stuffs are quite pricey. Oh, did I told you that they have a CNY sale up to 70% less?. The dining table look fab but yet, they don't have a size that I wanted even more, it doesn't suite with our theme. Later on, I was wandered for vase and fake-fresh-flower. After 30 min try-and-error put those flowers in and out from the vase, I finally forked my pocket to get this two vases.

And yes! my primary objective has been canceled due to limited of seat (they only left a front row seat). Sorry, I know that I was so badly wanted to watch this movie. Am really I am. But hey! who want to watch the movie for 3 hours straight with your neck almost 180 degrees ? after all, It doesn't worth at all!.

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