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By Thursday, January 21, 2010

This story was happened on last Sunday. I went to the massage session at one SPA at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. Previously, they had different staffs and their staffs are quite few and more professional compared to now.
I 've a bad guts ever since I’ve done my RF here. Firstly, the way of their staffs treated me. Seriously, they have a big mouth. Too much talking during my session which obviously, I can’t relaxed and enjoyed the treatment. Another thing is, they didn’t respect my privacy. Let me explain this, while I’ve a session in the room with staff A ( I guess her age is around mid 30th) and suddenly, staff B , in mid 50th of age came into my room and she wants to have a chit chat with me. Fine, I’m totally ok with that..until, staff B that Mak cik, started to ask me regarding my healthy and general questions about myself which I think, that was her strategy to get more information about myself. She asked me, from where’s my place, my office, my hometown, my jobs, how many kids that I have, how was I delivered my daughter, who is taking care my daughter, until how many siblings that I have and bla..bla..bla…… Honestly, I am very polite person therefore I answered all her questions without fail!. (Huh!..I’m really regret now)
The Incident was happened when staff A gave me a massage particular at my legs and suddenly she said… Awwww….rase mcm ader jarum la kat tapak tgn akak” and that Mak Cik, which already been there from the beginning of the session staring at her. Later, she’d tried again..and she keep saying that, she’s felt a sensational burned on her palm and she add… "macam ader pasir”.
Being me, I was just smiled and pretend to act normal like nothing was happened. See?.. kakak tuh mulut mmg celupar mcm tader insurans!. Her voice is an irritating buzzing noise in my ear- one I desperately want to swat away. You know what? I’ve a skin problem ever since I was a kid and according to my specialist, I’ve an eczema and all my siblings have that!. But the seriousness was diff from others. Why don’t you go back and google it. If you don’t have an internet at your place , please go to any cybercafe nearby at your house. If you still don't get it , you better join my father IT class at my hometown.
So, without being asking, that Mak Cik was came and touched my both legs with her eyes closed. Less than 3min, as she opened her eyes, she said…‘ko ni ader saka’….baik ko buang cepat’ ….’saka ko nih dari sebelah datuk/moyang bapak ko’
WHAT?…I was really freaked out . How on earth she know that?. Then, I asked..’macam mana mak cik tau?’ then, the staff A answered…“jgn tanya la macam mana die tau”….(hellooo..I didn’t ask you, so pls shut your big mouth!)
When I asked that Mak Cik what should I do, then again, she put her both hands on myl egs same as before and closed her eyes. Finally, she said… "die nak ayam hitam” (WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?). Fine, I’m aware that, Jin, syaitan are exist!. But, I know, something is wrong here. Looking at my shocking face, she was tried to calm me down by saying…"takper, susah nak dpt tuh, kejap…” she repeated her step again and after that, while closing her eyes…she mentioned this to me .. ” bawak 4/5 jenis limau, mandi 3 kali berturut2..bayaran sebanyak RM66 and mandi bunga yg terakhir, RM77++…
Another things that she mentioned was ..I have to bring a pray mat and kain batik nak ‘buang’ that thing. HAH?. ….She told me so many things that I hate and I don’t want to hear. Like, “nanti bende tuh kaco ko laki bini..nak porak peranda kan rumahtangga ko” (dlm hati ckp….tu sumer kuasa ALLAH, nothing can bit his power) Although I’m not a religious person, but I’m really put everything in ALLAH’s hand apart than, we work for it and say your pray hard. I just don’t want to dwell all these things with them bcoz I know, that will be only wasting my time. At first, I was really2 frightened. Once, I got inside the car, I was made a phone called to Ayom..(my sister) told the story from A to Z and as a result, she was really freaked out. Hehehehe…but that only temporary…on that night…I feel like nothing was happened and life goes on as usual.
The main thing that I was still thinking rite until now, do the owner of the SPA aware about this?. That Makcik once told me that, ‘kalau nak dtg berubat telepon la dulu, tapi jgn telepon sini, telepon hp makcik’. Owh, not only that, they also make their own business, like selling ubat tradisional and yes!..they asked me to keep my mouth shut!. Before, I left the SPA at the counter…I managed to asked her this qustions :
Me : Ramai ker yang ader saka dtg kat sini?
Mak Cik : Hphhhh!!!! ramaaaaaaaaiiiiii..macam2 ader, Langsuir, Pelesit, Pontianak…
Me : yang saya punye nih ape?
Mak Cik : Hantu Ghayeee!!!!
Me : ( Gulp ). Ok, takper la, balik dulu…(bagi salam and chiow).
ps : Dear Ufs (Useless staffs)Mak Cik and Kakak, please do not use the SPA as like your own business office. Making such of ridiculous things like that will only make yourselves in trouble. We do have a religion and ALLAH as a God. Why must you use a term like ‘hantu’/ ‘ayam hitam’ while you can asked me to recite particular surah in the Holy Al-Quran Instead. I swear, I’ll never go to your SPA anymore , unless..both of you are fired!!!!!!!!

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  1. gler truk mokcik tu..hampehh

  2. Haa?? Bior betul? Ala taktik nak tarik pelanggan la tu..


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