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By Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our daughter will turn to 2 yrs old in next month. Hence, I'm now already in the preparing stage ( thinking, planning and dreaming are including as the process to make it happen).

For her 2nd birthday, we're not sure whether to have another family portrait like we did last year or not. Have to ask my husband 1st. Harus kena pk tema ape pulak kan tahun nih? Haihh..How fortunate kids nowadays, having a parents that try their best to cherish each of their precious time ever since they was born to the world.
On the next month as well, I'll be leaving my daughter with her daddy and her maid since I need to be a away for 14 days. Let's see how capable I handle this. The longest time that Hannah was being left was about 5 days ( that one while she was 3 months yrs old ) and the latest one when I was away for team building, but that only 3 days 2 night.

This time , I think I was fortunate for having a friend which we're in the same boat. Hahahaha..Me will be accompanied by Mrs Tini my colleagues which has 2 kids, both are heroes. The oldest was 3 yrs old and his brother is almost 6 months I guess . So, definitely, there will be a feeling-sharing
-session like we did a 6 yrs ago during our thesis time. Memang best bergossip.
I hope that, everything will be fine and smooth for us , except for missing thingy (can't help for this).

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  1. dah nak 2 tahun ye hannah..buat birthday bash ke?..jgn lupa jemput ye..hehehe

  2. TURNING 2???? cepatnya!! tua plak uncle rasa..kener la sruh mommy wat party buih~

    sweetnya gmbr family korang..mcm xcaya jer ally uncle yg mcm batu nie dah jd daddy/hubby..u make me proud der! huhuhu..

    nany, bila ko nak jemput kiterg baham lasagna ko nie..**nanges


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