Old vs New

By Monday, February 01, 2010

I've found out that my Cornell oven suddenly malfunction when I already shoved in my ikan cencaru sumbat belakang for our dinner on last few weeks ago. How frustrated I am because this oven is one of my favorite helper in the kitchen. Arrggghhh!!!! tension btol.

I've made up my mind to go for another oven since the price to fix it will cost me around RM100. Asked Mr Shadow through the phone to get his opinion and he said that, I'd better buy a new one to replace this one.
After we went to Tabung Haji exclude Mr Shadow, I bought this one at RM400++. I hope, with it's brand itself, it will perform better, more robust and long lasting compared to the previous one.
Then, until yesterday when I've explained to Mr Shadow what's went wrong with my previous oven, he tried to do something. And it's work properly!. Now please tell me, what should I do with that oven?.

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  1. berlebihan peralatan dapur lak akak ni..
    gn jela 2 2..masak bnyk ckit..
    xpn simpan wat koleksi..


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