Hard to describe

By Tuesday, February 23, 2010

your feeling when something that you're really looking forward to over was just happened. Yes! I'll be back to my 'team' by tomorrow evening. Alhamdulillah, we've finished our OJT in Marudi, Sarawak after being in the small town when you barely find a fruit juice, roti canai, laksam, nasik kerabu and other yummy semenanjung's food. I've also missed 2 episodes of my fav reality show, "The BIGGEST loser of Asia". I can't imagine that, I've finally made it!!!. Away from my husband was not really bothering me. But, being apart from my daughter for 2 weeks was a MATTER for me. Syukur..I gained a knowledge in here while Hannah was doing fine with her daddy and bibik. I'm proud of you girl!

Those back days in Marudi made me reflect at myself. My life is much2 fun and I should more grateful with what I have right now.

When the first time I saw the crews in the field doing they job, I'd really realized how fortunate I am for having my position right now. Seriously, their job was the toughest that I ever seen. They climbed the hill, stayed more than 3 months in the jungle, bathed in the river, slept inside the flycamp which only made by wood , no KFC, secret recipe, not event a fried fish... May ALLAH give them a strength, a good health and protect them from any bad things. Amin.

Can't wait to see their FINAL result. Black gold..owhhh black gold...

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  1. this is the rules to become geologist

  2. Anonymous: That's not really right. We can be a geologist though we're in the 'concrete jungle' right?. Heheheh...btw, maybe you can put your name after you publish your comment.

  3. yup ngah.we always see big things. we also like to dream big, think big. 'big' ikut definition kite lah.

    kdg2 rasa macam dream org lain tak 'big' macam kite. (perasan..hehe)

    tp mybe org tu rasa dream dy dah cukup 'big'.
    hehe. ade lah kaitan jugk sikit dgn entri kat atas ni kot.

    big or small tengok niat lah jugk. kdg yg big jadi small di sisi allah, yg small pulak jd big sebab niat yg baik.

    btw, kat sini ramai je nak jadi polis, bomba, tender kantin sekolah, etc. (yg nak kerja kutip petai belum jumpa lagi lah tapi)

    mungkin yg tu masuk syurga dulu before kita/org lain yg kerja 'big' ' big' hehe.

    luv u!


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