Hot Mama(s) in MARUDI

By Thursday, February 11, 2010 , ,

I am now currently away from the office, which yes! I love it very much!. Far from bosses, traffic,workload that sometimes I can't bare any longer. Too much talk to hear, too much meeting to attend.  
I am not saying I love being far away from my family. Being working in a technical field, I have to go out from the office. To see a real thing that relate with my works so that, I can really appreciate and know what is happening in the industry. Thank you to Mr Shadow for really understand my situation and with his permits, I am now at MARUDI Sarawak.

Well, the tough journey was just began. Let's pray for the best thing here. Another 12 days to go. 

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  1. eh, baru ako prasan topic - "hot" mama..prasan hot la tew~ posing xrela digelar seksi sket~


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