School break!!

By Wednesday, October 31, 2012 , ,

Yeayy!! Yesterday was Hannah's 1st day of school holiday. It means another 12 days to go. In here, they have a school holiday namely : vacances toussaint which means holiday inconjuction with halloween celebration .

So during the Eidul Adha, Hannah was still went to the ecole because she will have a french class after a school time. Yes, her maitresse was kind enough to ensure hannah can learn french as soon as possible and it's gratuit!. But on that day itself, her maitresse told me that she needs to leave early since her child was not feeling well. I feel a bit frustated but perhaps, it has a blessings in disguise. :) When i fetched Hannah from the ecole. I got a journal books given by her maitresse.
They put Hannah's drawing, few simple exercises including counting, coloring and spelling. Those were very cute and i bet, it will become a thing that Hannah wil treasure when she grow up soon.
Ps : french people love cochon to the max because they think that animal is damn cute.

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