Flower Fingers!

By Sunday, October 07, 2012 , ,

We made this after I googled and found it through interesting parenting website. This is one out of few examples art and craft in their website. Not only Hannah, but Umair also got a chance to trace their fingers on the paper. If you have an old newspaper or old magazine,by all means, please use all those materils as we can teach our kids on the recycle subject. We don't have a newspaper here, so we used colour paper which we brought from Malaysia. Basically, you need : 1) Old newspaper / old magazine / color paper 2) Glue tape 3) Pencil 4) Straw Instructions: 1) Trace your child's fingers on the paper. 2) Make it seven or eight with different sizes. ( it will involve another siblings while doing this) 3) Cut the fingers's tracers and combine it together using glue tape 4)Get the straw as a stick and again, glue it together with the flowers and viola! It's done.:


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