Les Petit Quiche

By Wednesday, October 24, 2012 , ,

I got the receipe from my ex senior of MRSM. I also googled to find out more about the quiche. It was very easy as ABC but yet the outcome was so impressive. If you don't want to messy your hands, you can just buy ready made or frozen crust. In Malaysia, some peoples use from brand ' kawanku' while me in France got so many choices as quiche, pie and tart were their daily dish. Usually, they eat quiche for dinner or breakfast. It can be eaten while it still hot or cold. The taste was remain great though you left it over a night. What i love about quiche is, you can use anything you like for the filling. Sausage, bacon, meat, chicken, sardine and spinach. Hereby is the ingredients : 1) Ready made crust. Filling : 1)2 eggs 2) Heavy cream / creme fraiche 3) Butter or olive oil 4) 1 0nion 5) black pepper (grind) 6) a pinch of salt 7) fresh milk 8) tomato cherries 9) grated cheese 10) sausage/ spinach Instruction : Cut circle the pastry and put inside the muffin tray. In mean time, caramelize the onion with butter or olive oil. Put a small amount of sugar.Stir every 15min. While waiting for the caramelize process complete. Crack the eggs in the bowl and add pepper, salt, creme fraiche and milk. Using a whisk, beat the ingredients until it become fluffy. Now you can add the cheese on the crust as a 1st layer. Then followed by sausage or caramelized onions. Last but not least, pour the eggs mixture until 1/3 full. Before you bake quiche to the oven, you can slice the tomatos cherry and put on top of the quiche. Bake around 180degree for about 20-30min or until the quiche is set. Happy trying!

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