Hannah photo à l'école

By Saturday, October 20, 2012 , ,

Last 2 weeks, hannah got a photo session. Today, the photo is ready to be collected. With 15€, they gave us this :

She looks a bit messy with her hair. Haishhh... Another one, this is the envelope where they put the picture inside. Love the prints and it was so colourful!.
Last but not least, they will be a class photo soon but need to wait for that.

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  1. dah kak long betul hannah! bestnya gambar tuh, mcm potrait yg slalu boss2 matsalleh uncle letak kat bilik diorang.. international gittew~ mcm kacukan pun ada rupa hannah dlm gambar tuh.. huhuhu

  2. Kan? Besar dah anak dara sorang nih. Rase br jer baby. Kacukan beb! JAWATAN ( Jawa and kelantan) :p


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