Finally, We met him

By Sunday, October 07, 2012 ,

This morning, we departed at 8.30am to the Disneyland. Yes, yes..we just went there last Saturday. Wanted to meet Mickey Mouse and it turned out that we need to wait for 45min to take a picture with him. Giler lama. So, today...without having a breakfast, we manage to arrive on 945am..another 10min before they open their business. We straight to the place where to meet the Mickey, wait around 20min to 30min and finally, we met him. Hannah was so excited when she can shake Mickey's hand, hold his hand and kiss the Mickey's nose. Then, we went to 'small world'. It's a great experienced for hannah and umair cruised inside the tunnel whilst watching the variety of people's country. Next activity, we went to La Vallee Village. It's a shopping 'village' where you can found branded shop like, coach, longchamp, tefal, burberry and also jimmy choo brands..we not buy anything since kids and me were tired already. We safely arrived at home around 3pm. End of today's activity. :) 

Us and Mr Mickey


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