Mega Exhibition Dinosaur 2015 in Tokyo

By Tuesday, August 11, 2015 ,

                                     Assalammualaikum wbt

Hello peeps!!

We had spent our wonderful Sunday at the mega dinosaur exhibition . The weather was OK although it was a bit hot but the exhibition was held indoor so we don't have a problem deal with the weather. Alhamdulillah...

We went around 11:00 am and after changed 2-3 trains we finally reached at our destination. The exhibition was held at Makuhari Mess. It was  a building for cater many indoor events. 

Once, I still remembered when Hannah asked, which one is come 1st?..Nabi Adam A.S or dinosaurs??.. I always answered dinosaurs come 1st though I am not really sure on this. Until I do some research and the answer was's likely , dinosaurs come 1st before Nabi Adam A.S come to the earth. 

ALLAH S.W.T is Al-Khaliq, the creator. He can creates what he wants...each of the dinosaurs is unique. I got this from Hannah's national geography book ( encyclopedia) about the dinosaurs. For example ; PLATEEOHSOREUS was lived during late Triassic period. It was around 252.17 -  201.3 million years ago. It had a lot of teeth for ripping leaves off trees. If PLATEEOHSOREUS wanted to eat leaves that were high in a tree, the dinosaur could stand on its hind legs to reach them. See? all is created very well and clearly ALLAH S.W.T made it for the purpose. 

Two years ago, Hannah was so into My Little Pony and Princess thingy. Her interest is keep changing with her age. Alhamdulillah for all good and positives matter happened in her life. 

We only spent less than 2 hours to complete the tour. The exhibition was so informative but yet, all the infos are writing in Kanji, hiragana and katakana. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed it very much since they can watch the dinosaur as per actual scale. Two of them can move their neck. 

Before we went back, the kids had bought some dinosaurs toys. Hannah had written her story in her diary vacation book. 

Now, let's enjoy the pictures...

Wearing a sun glasses during this hot summer is a must for them.

Follow the arrow. Another 300m to go!

Messe Mall - A place where is the exhibition was held

Adult fee is YEN2000 and Kids from 4yrs and above is YEN1000.

That at the back....Triceratops!

Details :

Date : 2015/7/18(Sat)〜2015/8/30(Sun) 
Time : 09:30 ~ 17:00 (  Please enter 30 minutes before the closing)
Admission :
Public/Adults (Over high school students): 2,000Yen (Adv. 1,600Yen)
4 yrs old to Jr. high school students: 1,000Yen (Adv. 800Yen)
*Free for children under 3 yrs old
*Free for handicapped person and an attendant (with certification note)
 Venue : International Exhibition Halls (Halls 11)

Please click here for more infos : 

I hope you enjoy this entry. Have a great day peeps!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. menarik la nany.... anak2 suke nie...dpt byk timba ilmu kan...

    tapi tu laa lieya tertarik soalan hannah tu....agak tricky kan...lieya sendiri konpius hohoho...mcm soalan telur ngan ayam mane dtg dulu tuu ekekeekekeke

  2. Bagus bawa budak2 tgk benda-benda macam ni. Anak usmi dulu masa dia kecik2 bawa tgk di Pusat sains tapi dia takut... alhamdulillah dah besar ni dah ok skit.

  3. bestnyer...
    confirm eksited sgt ank2 ni..

    teringat cerita Jurassic World tu..

  4. wah wah wah. bawak my nephew best ni. tapi jauh la pulak Japan. hehe kat Malaysia ada dlm Aveue K dan Petrosains KLCC. good exposure for them :)

  5. Anak saya, Danish peminat tegar dinosaur... mcm2 dinosuar dia dah kumpul tiap kali pergi carboot... But his all time favorite is Triceretops...


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