Gugu Gaga Hannah

By Friday, July 03, 2009 ,

Again my performance. Video 1st and 2nd were taken at my house. I love those songs very much,hehehe....The last one is taken during Mama's friend wedding reception at Dewan Perdana Felda, featuring my friend, Danish and his mommy, Aunty Tini. Enjoy ok!

Written by : Mama
Upload Videos by : Papa

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  1. hahaha, mcm nak giget jer uncle tgk..

    eh, clip no2 tuh lagu apa erk nany? dulu ako ada, tp dah ilang..

  2. ZED : Lagu by Yusof Islam, titled Song With Children kots, takpon...Children with a world..heheheh

  3. ishk2, kesal btol dgn diri ini..britney spears bole jer download beralbum2, tp yg nie xder plak..**tunduk menyesal kat dapur sblh tong gas..

  4. UNCLEZED: Alhamdulillah kalo da insaf..ngahahaha


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