Ties The Knot

By Friday, July 03, 2009 ,

Now Hannah nak story about my lovely aunty a.k.a my Che'Ngoh. She just get married to someone that she know ever since in her secondary school (I called him as Ayoh Ngoh). Kalu nak tau, she was in a relationship with Ayoh Ngoh in her 1st year during her Uni time

The aqad was took place on May, 29 and following with the reception on the next day. Papa says that, ayoh tok need to repeat his ijab for 2/3 times whilst Ayoh Ngoh was very steady and cool all the way :-) with only one-breath for his kabul. Wallah! Syaaabbbaasss Inspector Ngoh!. Eh silap!..Ayoh Ngoh laaaa..hehehe...(Sure da practice banyok kali nih kan?)

Ayoh Ngoh's reception was on the week after. Luckly that his house is only 15 minutes from nenek's house. In Kelantan, they called this event as "gi ngata" means here..pergi mengantar la kots . Since their house is just like "dekat cheh" (too near) so, I guess Che' Ngoh is very happy and feel a wave of relieved . Guess what?..she can come to her own house at anytime. Like, she can have a breakfast in her house,lunch in her in-law house,dinner back again in her own house and sleep at her in-law house.Hahahahaha...

Last but not least, congrats Che Ngoh and Ayoh Ngoh!. May Allah always bless you and dimurahkan rezeki. I am looking fwd to hear a 'good' news from both of you!. Enjoy the pic ok!

Tukang taip,


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  1. wow, since form 1? dah mcm kisah cinta Kolonel Sanders KFC plak..xtau pun daddy sampai 2-3 kali..xper, itu sbb daddy nervous tgk mommy dok main kenyit2 mata..ala, ruginya x gi wedd korg..i met ur mommy once rasanya before dia jd "hak milik halal daddy", masa derg dok dating kat A&W KLCC..**abisla pecah rahsia..TERBANG!!!!!!!

    bestnya..1 happy family..sedondon lagi..eh, crocs sapa tuh mommy (gmbr 4)?

  2. Form 1 kenal. Couple2 masa 1st year kat Uni.Btw, tu crocs mommy. Yang mommy ceta kat Uncle Zed dulu. Papa blanja mommy. Jibbitz tak pki, leceh arr..dok tertanggal2. Hahahah

  3. HAHAHA..as i expected..nice pair..uiks, kalo mommy hannah xmau pakai, UNCLE ZED BOLE TOLONG PAKAIKAN!!! byk lagi lobang yg kosong kat crocs uncle..hahahha


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