Saturday, IKEA and Captain Zed with the sailors

By Sunday, July 19, 2009 ,

As I open the car door to step out, hubby’s HP was rang. A minute after the conversation placed, he told me that Captain Zed will be coming to our house with his sailors. Well, I think I can guess who are the sailors.

Me : Die datang sorang-sorang ker?
Hubby : Taaakkkkk, dengan Syear and wifey.
Me : Aaaahhhh, ok then…

Captain Zed and his sailor num I are used to be hubby’s friend during their Uni time . While sailor num II is wife to sailor number I. I’ve once bump into Captain Zed a.k.a Mr Zachary at KLCC( if I not mistaken) and it was during my induction period for new executives who just joint the company. Hmm, kind a have a 1st time date with my BF which obviously is my husband now. :-P.

Sailor num I, Mr Syear a.k.a Tom Bombadil . According to hubby, Mr Tom is Captain Zed’s ex-roomie. I’m not so sure when my 1st time met him until I found his picture at my wedding reception in hubby's place. Last but not least, Sailor num II. Ms Lyana a.k.a Permatahati. I’ve seen her virtually in her blog. Such as a simple and humble yet sweet and charming person. I’ve met her in real when we attended Mr Fadhil a.k.a Pa’s wedding somewhere on March this year. Pa also is Captain Zed, Sailor num II and hubby’s Unimates. Ok, so what’s next?.

It’s come to the food now. Well, since I’m planning to make a Lasagna this week, so why don’t I just cook it and serve it to them. Even though I’m not really sure how my Lasagna will turn up. 1st time la katakan. Ding-dong, ding-dong…..I finished cooked my food mouth-watering around 4pm. Italian Chicken Roaster and Lasagna campak-campak. In between, I have to settled our daughter. She’s barely sleep since that morning.Kalau tak settle skrang, she will cranky and tend to sleep during Maghrib time and wake up around 8.30pm and sleep again around 11pm or nearly 12am. Sangat tak larat coz esok nyer keje.

Expected guests was arrived around 5pm..borak2, catch up bout each other life. After asar prayer and me had a wonderful gossip time with Permatahati finally they departed from our house at 7pm. Thank you so much guys for coming!. Nanti, nak main ice-skating please count us in ok!. Best jugak kalo dating secara berjemaah nih. The more the merrier kan?. No real lasagna picture were taken, but, my daughter will tell you how the taste of my 1st time trial of making Lasagna. Thank you to the guest for keep compliment my Lasagna “sedap la, sedap la, sedap la…….” Hahahahahaha…….I love it! .

Captain Zed, Mr Syear a.k.a Mr Tom. Nih Zaman bujang trang tang tang korang. Kecuali Captain Zed la....

This is Sailor Num II, wife to Sailor num I. Puan Lyana a.k.a Permatahati.

The Italian Chicken Roaster. (ps : Ni gambo ayam yg bukan aku served kat korang smlm. Version lain sket. Rase still sama.)

My daughter, she's eating my Lasagna for her breakfast.

Sedap hingga menjilat sudu!!!!!!

Ps : Puan Lyana, resepi belum tepek lagi. Nanti2 ok!
Ps : Captain Zed, thank you for the J'CO donuts.

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  1. nak lasagna..gak hehehe nyummie

  2. TINIE : Peh hang meletop la aku masak Lasagna kat hang yer!..muahssss!..hahaha

  3. Lasagna kalu di bahasamelayukan jadi ape erk'? Haaaa.....

  4. hmm..cepat ler mana lasagna yang yummy tuh...termimpi2 dah pun hubby dah byk kali ckp sedap nih..ahaks..nak try wat plak pasni..hehe..

  5. NEN : Ntah la,ader ke bahasa melayu lasagna ek?. Dah origin nyer from France kan ?. Sama gak kalo masak lemak tempoyak, kalu org Jepun yg makan..rase2 nyer derang panggil ape?

    PERMATA HATI : Hahaha, I try my best lah this week. Hubby tader nih smpi Rabu. Hannah sebok la kalu tgk mama die dok kat meja laptop. Mmg tak leh nak blogging. Kena kacau!..huhuhuhuhu. Kena tidokan die dulu.

  6. nany- mane la ko korek gmbar lame tuh. LOL. obviously we were virign then (except for capt z) haha.

    bnyak la ko sailor no1 & 2, sailor moon sume pmpuan kay.

    hannah- sedap kan?? :-)

    -mr tom-

  7. Hannah : kalu tempoyak dijepunkan akan berbunyi tepanyaki, sebab tu byk restoran tu kt m'sia ;P

  8. MR TOM : Popeye the sailor man..tut tuuuuuuutttt... (sila nyanyi dgn pitching yg btol)

    ps : gambo tuh , jenuh aku godek2 dlm external drive Pakde, jupe dlm folder "Abot, wedding, PJ".
    Just nice gambo korang bertiga...hehehehe

  9. alahai, comelnya uncle tgk..mcm nie la rupa uncle masa telan ayam free kat umah hannah..

    HAHAHHAHA.. xsangka pakder simpan gmbr kenangan sblm syear kener sunat..zaman kegemilangan ketika rambut syear masih lebat..

    siapa sangka kehadiran kami disambut dgn begitu meriah walaupun xder paluan kompang dan gadis2 dlm pakaian mandi menunggu di pintu pagar..yg penting dpt baham lasagna + ayam nany rogers + jus oren dan diikuti dgn teh tarik rebus..huhuhu..tenkiu geng, korg mmg the bestest!!

    p/s: ala, gmbr lasagna tuh xclear ar nany..sob2

  10. ZED : Sia2 la ko guna camera raksasa ko tuh. baik ko guna camera handphone cap ayam!!!!!!!!!!.....


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