Part 1 : The Spliiissshhhh & Splasaassshhhhh with the Shine thingy

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This entry is 1 month behind and I just got the opportunity to share the story by now. When I realized that we’re going to spent 8 days in hubby’s hometown, I’ve come with a plan on what-to-do during our long break so that we’re not just sitting 24hrs in –front of TV, sleeping day and night, eating and eating almost the time.
Here we go…..

Day 1 to Day 3 ~ Physically and Mentally 100% is for Sis In Law’s solemnization and wedding event. (Siap dgn mengemas, cuci periuk belanga)
Ok, ok, that would not be counting ok!. Let us start from the day 4 after our arrival.
Again, here we go……

Day 4 (Monday) ~ Have a picnic at any waterfall.
Status : Mission Completed!..BIL is very kind towards me for this. Before we go, he gave me some choice of places. Seriously, I’ve no idea bout the places that he had suggested. I’ve never been in any of waterfall in Kelantan. So, we’re ended by having a very nice BBQ and ‘swimming’ at Lata Tembakah, Ganu. I bet Hannah is zillion time enjoyed than me!.Hip Hip Hurrayyy!!!

Day 5 ( Tuesday ) ~ Lay back and relax at Pantai Irama, Bachok.
Status : Relax and laid back by sleeping and eating at HOME. No Hurray for this!

Day 6 (Wednesday)~ Went to KB for shopping
Status : Mission completed!. I got 2 pcs of tilam ala2 toto for me and my mom, 1 Muslimah T-shirt for me, 2 socks for me, 1 kid’s scarf for Hannah, 2 CD’s song for Hannah. Nothing for Hubby .

Day 7(Thursday) ~ Shopping again!. I was asking hubby to take me for shopping at Rantau Panjang.
Status : Hubby managed to get himself a short pants pricing at seploh ghiyya while me bought a few shine thingy. Clap2…

Day 8 (Friday) ~ No plan
Status : As per planned.

Day 9 ( Saturday ) ~ Wedding reception at SIL’s hubby place.
Status : Kepanasan and after that kekenyangan.

We’re off to KL by 3.00am at day 10, Sunday. End of break, back to hectic life again. (SIGH)
ps : Pictures will be uploaded soon. Just keep yourself posted ok!..

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  1. Hannah.. only Part 1? where is you part 2? i had fun reading your get together with ur grandma & grandpa cum vacation.. and the waterfall..way i like!!


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