Saturday, IKEA and ....

By Sunday, July 19, 2009

I told my husband that we need a high chair for Hannah before the fasting month arrived. It's kind like easy and helpful when come to the break fast time. All of us will be sitting and enjoy the meal together. That's my main objective to go to IKEA this morning.

So, he just stick to the planned and he doesn't have anything what -to- buy in his mind not until we arrived at tables and chairs section. Finally, we are ended with more than 1 stuff. Enjoy the pic!

Papa and his new stuffs (rug, table + swivel chair) and ..errr his posing.

Owh, this is her enjoying the new chair while watching Mr Barney singing in YouTube.

Aahhhh~~~~ too lazy to get off from this chair la guys..

Mama's stuff

Higher than the black one!
Mama's stuff again @ kitchen.

We arrived at home around 12.3o pm and expecting a guest in the late of afternoon. Soon will be continued.

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  1. lar, patut la bau Ikea! nampak sgt kedatangan kitorg bg menyambut perasmian krusi baru..huhu..thanx for the extravagant welcome geng! jgn lupa share resepi!

    p/s: ko posing tunjuk apa tu pakder? cicak atas syiling (bukan siling ok, bak kata Pa)

  2. la bru xsmapi satu hari rupenya. sekbaik kusi hannah xpatah kene siku uncle. hikhik.

    p/s: tahniah mama hannah, update blog sokmo k :-)

    -uncle tom-

  3. ZED : Tu gaya papa tunjuk lizard kat kipas or syiling kalo nak pakaikan Hannah diapers. Die tenang sket la kalu tunjuk kata ader lizard kat atas nuh..of course sambil buat bunyi, baru real! hahaha

    UNClE TOM : Hish!..ingat mat salleh mana tadi, sib baik mama tau sape Uncle Tom. Mekasih Uncle Tom dtg umah Hannah. Next time datang la lagi!...Uncle Tom kena selalu hapdate blog yer!

  4. ewaahh..ewahhh..hannah dh ade high chair..yeay yeay....muahs to her

  5. ACIK TINIE : Best dok situ, sebab leh makan skali ngan mama and papa.Keluarga bahagia~~~~~~~


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