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By Sunday, January 30, 2011 ,

Nursing cover from Fab mom.

Are you looking the best nursing cover that can suit you and your baby at anytime and anywhere?. I bought nursing cover from Fab mom outlet at price RM59.90 and I got 6 pcs of bra pads as a free gift.

Initially, masa test kat sana tak perasan pulak jarang. Once, test kat rumah in front of mirror and hubby..memang jelas JARANG. I think, they purposely use that kind of material for the sake of baby's comfortable during the nursing time. Tak panas la kan. Tapi, sgt lah tak sesuai if nak nursing in front of public, better cari nursing/baby's room. Tapi tu lah, I bought this one untuk pam kat opis nanti. Though, ader special room for us, but still...when pam secara berjemaah, still need to cover.

As for me, I'll find nursing poncho yg cover back and my, tader la nampak perut. Contoh nya macam gambar di bawah :
This one pulak, macam apron. I don't like this style.

So, what I did was....lapiskan satu lagi kain. Baru jahit sikit jer. Well, tak smpi separuh pon. Kain tu licin, kena bersabar plus, mesin jahit tader. Manual guna jari jemari saja. hehehe...

So, if ader mommies kat luar sana nak beli nursingcover...and put the privacy at the priority...please don't buy Fab mom's nursing cover. Since, I 've bought my Raw silk Ring Sling..the tail can be used as a cover when you want to nurse your baby. I've not try it yet. Kena practice dulu kat rumah like I did with my RS. I put Umair in the RS every 5 min every day. Just to make us feel comfortable. And yes! tak sia2 beli sebab Umair suka duduk dalam tu. I'll story more when we went to Pusat Sains Negara today. He slept 2 hours straight in the RS with cradle position. :-)

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