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One morning, during my confinement period, my daughter claimed that she's having an irritating skin sensation causing a desire to scratch around her shoulder area. I was in the 'farm' at that time, while my maid is entertaining my son . So, my hubby took a TYT oil and put it on that particular area. As a result, my daughter cried and scream because I think the herbal medicated oil made her more feel burn. He then, took her to the bathroom and washed that area using the water and as a result?...she screamed and cried like hysterically people. Hmmmmmmmmm.....


One evening, both of us are feel hungry and I took the fish nuggets from the frozen and wanted to cook it using the oven. Then, my husband asked me one question that I've never thought it before..
" cairkan dulu dlm microwave"

" sebab still keraskan...nanti consume more energy to be cooked"
" hmmm...but the instruction said, tak payah cairkan..just fry or grill"
( dlm hati, well...mmg tak pernah terfikir langsung about the consuming energy nih, main masak jer)

He is so particular at one thing = I was blurred at one thing

He is good at waiting = I am impatience

He eat moderately = I love and enjoy eating so much!. That's 6kg of adipose tissue is still stuck and I think, one day it will turn to bad reservoir due to poor porosity and permeability.HAHAHAHAHAH

He loves gadget to bits = I love kitchen aid to the max

He talkative only to people that he know = I am friendly to everyone

He loves last minute plan = I am not a good planner but I like to plan everything ahead

He know exactly where his money gone because he is a wise spender = I also know where my money gone because I LOVE shopping.

Despite every contrast above, we share the same things :

1) We shared the same month of birthday.

2) We both loves to watch movie

3) We love to staying at home rather than, menapak dlm shopping complex tanpa arah tujuan.

4) We love the simplicity

5) My brain cells can't think anymore. That's all for the time being. Hehehehe

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  1. ngah, this is the first entry talking about u both. it seems that the traits that u have complete ur hubby and vice versa. Allah creates us in that way kan? it is so beautiful masyaAllah.
    i m sure ur marriage is full of happiness, laughters, serenity, etc, etc, and i hope it will always be showered by His Barakah, the utmost important in a relationsip. (quoted from books i read and talks i listened to)

    Acik johor
    n very soon..
    mrs acik.hehe

  2. Owh, absolutely true!. Marriage is complete to each other. Of course, there will be a bumpy along the road. But trust me, we can do that..need the patience and understanding of each other. We gonna celebrate our 5th anniversary this year. :-D.

    ps : FInally, you're in the GeoCounter. Johor Bahru. Not Pontian.

  3. hehe.angah, thanks for ur words of wisdoms. i noe marriage comes with responsibility. and there must be tears rolling down together with laughters and merriment.

    i asked many people's advice about marriage.some said about mutual respect& mutual understanding..
    also about means dun expect anything from our mr right but focus on our part. and yup..
    marriage needs a big Patience (a capital P)

    Alhamdulillah and so happy for you to be able to make your journey lasts up till now...5 years of a blessed unity & relationship.
    dun worry u still look young, n pretty though u have reached ** hehehe

    Angah do pray for me..
    to be a bale to make my MARRIAGE a REAL SUCCESS!!
    in this dunia and akhirat.

    Lots n lots n lots of LOVE from me..:))

    Acik Johor

  4. nak menyibuk kejap. i love this entry!

  5. baru baca entry ni angah..dasat thinking out of box tu..penggunaan tenaga yg byk mmg engineer keje nye kira tenaga..hehe

  6. yg entry TYT tu kan, geram gak + lawak..hehehe hahah. if jadi kt ayom, rase nk marah tapi x jadi kot. sbb lawak. dan, terngiang2 suara hannah melalak...haha


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